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The Sims Mobile: July 23rd, 2018 Update Overview

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The Sims Mobile has a brand new update that adds a highly requested build feature to the game: different room shapes! No longer will you struggle to put together your virtual dream home with just square-shaped rooms.

If you go into the Build/Buy catalogue and select Rooms, you’ll see a large variety of new room shapes for you to work with. You can choose from L-shaped, T-shaped, Z-shaped, S-shaped, U-shaped, and O-shaped rooms.

These new rooms don’t come cheap, however. It’ll cost you a hefty 2,350 SimCash to unlock them all.

In addition to the new room shapes, player IDs have been added to the load screen and the heirloom collection has received a UI upgrade, allowing you to have a full overview of all heirlooms and their rarity without having to unlock them first.

The Sims Mobile: July 23rd, 2018 Update Overview

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