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The Sims Team talks about The Future of The Sims 4 (Maxis Monthly, Livestreams and more)


The Sims Team talks about The Future of The Sims 4 (Maxis Monthly, Livestreams and more)

Today’s livestream about The Sims 4 Gallery brought a bit more information outside the realm of The Gallery. SimGuruGrant has talked a little bit about the future of The Sims 4 as well as what they have in plan for The Gallery in the coming months, while SimGuruKate announced what we can expect in the next few weeks in terms of communication, livestreams and their new “Maxis Monthly” segment which is replacing the quarterly teasers. Check out what they said:


  • We plan to keep supporting The Sims 4 for 3+ years. I know I’m thinking about stuff for 3+ years out. We’re doing some nice investments on what we’re up to.
  • This is the first foundational step out of many Gallery updates coming up this calendar year.
  • As we said at the top of the stream we’re actually planning more updates for The Gallery, some big ones later this year. I can’t talk about them yet; they’re in progress, they’re pretty cool and we have a lot more plans down the road for The Gallery like in years out. Because we have to port these changes to the Console we want to make sure that we have the changes finished on the PC first so that we don’t have to go constantly back and forth.
  • We plan, hoping to support The Gallery on console as well. We want to make sure that we get things settled a little bit on the PC first so that we’re not doing the work 3 or 4 times.
  • We know a lot of you who use the gallery who wish you could upload your own pictures, your own thumbnails. We know this…winky face. That’s all I can say about that.


  • We’re gonna be working on some really cool things. We’re gonna be looking at doing bi-weekly streams here on The Sims Twitch with our awesome SimGurus where we’re actually gonna be popping in and playing the game and chilling out with you guys for a couple hours every two weeks. This is just gonna be something fun that we can do where you can get to know our Gurus a bit better and you can watch us and enjoy the game like you guys are enjoying the game.
  • We’re also gonna be starting something called “Maxis Monthly” where we’re gonna be doing a 1-hour show every single month probably around the end of the month where we’re gonna do a recap of all of the awesome things that happened in The Sims over the last month; showcase some awesome player-created content both in The Gallery and in the community as a whole and talk about what might be coming up in the next month. We’re hoping to kick all of this off starting in September. We might start a little bit here in August but definitely look for these things to be coming in September and we’ll be sharing a big schedule with you guys so that you can bookmark your calendar and make sure you can tune in for the streams that you want to watch.

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