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The Sims Mobile: Photography Heirloom Quest + Offer is here!

The Sims Mobile has finally brought a chance to win the Photography Career Heirloom after its first introduction back in April 2018 with the ASOS Fashion Event.

This opportunity will be triggered in the Quests tab when you open up The Sims Mobile. As soon as you open up the game the counter will start ticking and from that point you have 3 days to complete this limited time quest!

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  • These limited time events are great, but they are a bit annoying having to wait another day to complete the to do list

    • Yeah. Especially if you’ve already completed the to do list for the day already. Now I have to waste an entire day. I’m at 10/18. Does anyone know what the remaining 8 tasks are?

      • You do fashion photo 6hr then another complete your to do list. Which will kill another day. I think they weren’t planning this correctly

        • Agreed cause I completed my to do list, did the 7 hour event and now to do like again….I also haven’t leveled past 40 in like a month now, still no waterfront….I don’t understand

  • Same here , I’m at 9/18 now , try to search online what is remain task but no answer. I had already try my best like spend all my cupcakes , just seems impossible to finish the rest in one day.

  • This was extremely poorly done, to the point where I think they don’t want anyone to complete it. Most of the tasks are 7 hour events– you have to practically set alarms and go without sleep to finish unless you have loads of cupcakes. I’ve been busting my butt and im still worried I won’t be able to finish in time.

  • I’m at 12/18 with 24 hrs to go. If there’s another to do list, or more than 2, 6 hour events, I’ll be out of luck. This really needed quest info posted!

  • I’ve got 9 hours left and I’m on 17/18 – the Quest is to complete two hobby story chapters – I have gone from level 7 to 9 with three different sims in different hobbies and yet it’s still saying 0/2 completed :-(
    I don’t think they want us to complete this quest at all!!!

    • Update: I’ve just completed 17/18 – you have to completely complete two separate hobby stories – NOT chapters as stated. And 18/18 is another 7 hour event. I’ve used cupcakes to do mine in 3.5 hours so hopefully I’ll just about complete it – good luck everyone

        • Oh. I miss read that….dang. Two stories is nuts. I think this was set up for players who do nothing but play sims in their free time and have hoarded cupcakes to half event times or spend the sc anyway to quick finish events. Not cool.

          • Ive been spending so much time because I wanted this career so bad and now I have a few hours to complete two hobby stories?!?! Crazy