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The Sims Mobile: Summer Throwdown League Event Guide

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The Sims Mobile has just launched its latest event: the Summer Throwdown League Event! What on earth is that, you ask? This event is all about friendly competition. Your Sims will have to complete time-limited goals that revolve around competing with other Sims. Doing event quests and actions will reward your Sims with Participation Ribbons, which you can then redeem for Consolation Prize Chests to purchase cool rewards for your Sims. The grand prize? A nifty dartboard! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and prove that your Sim is the ultimate bar game champion!

The Sims Mobile: Summer Throwdown League Event Guide

Feeling overwhelmed by so much fierce competition? No worries, we’re here to help get you started.

After updating your game, you’ll see that there are new quests available. Tap your quest log to see the new event quests. These quests have a gold ribbon and background and will disappear when the event ends so don’t dawdle on them. Completing the event quests in time will reward you with a swanky new barback.

Part 1: Work up a cool sweat arguing with appliances

To get started, follow the quests. Your first task is to argue with 3 household appliances. I had my Sim argue with the fridge, coffee maker, and television set to complete this goal. It only took a minute to complete.

After completing the first task in your event quest, you’ll be rewarded with some Participation Ribbons as a gift. You’ll be prompted to spend them. Tap the trophy icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to be taken to the event page. You can see all the available limited-time events here along with chests you can buy for Participation Ribbons or SimCash. Tap the Consolation Prize Chest on the left side of the screen to spend your Participation Ribbons and get your first reward. You can see all the available prizes when you tap the chest icon.

Part 2: Completely infatuated with the competition

Task number two was to ask three different Sims if they’re competitive. My Sim happens to have a big family so he had no trouble finding Sims to ask, but you can ask any Sim you see around the world. This is a quick and easy task to complete.

Part 3: Find a rival in disguise

The third task is also simple enough; start a rival story. Just find any Sim your Sim does not yet have a relationship with and use a confrontational introduction to open up the option to start a rival event. These initial first events can be completed easily in just 3 or 4 actions. When the event finishes, pick any rival story the game offers you to complete this quest. You do not have to finish this story to complete the quests and earn the rewards. You just need to start it.

Part 4: Seek out rival revelry among party goers

Part four of the event quest asks your Sim to earn three stars at a party. This is another easy task that you’ve likely done many times before on any old regular day. Just open up the party tab, select Find Parties and pick a party to attend. Once you’re there, perform party actions to fill up your purple progress bar and earn three stars.

TIP: Perform actions that reward you with 50 or more party points to get 3 stars without needing to consume any cake.


Part 5: Prove to rival that you can earn more

The Sims Mobile: Summer Throwdown League Event Guide

Now we’re starting to get into some more time-consuming goals. Your Sims will have to earn 650 simoleons, but don’t panic. Your Sims earn money every day from their careers and hobbies so just do what you always do and bring home that dough until you’ve stashed away a crisp 650 simoleons.

TIP: If you have the time to check back with the game frequently, it’s best to put your Sims on short shifts and practice sessions. They’ll earn more money faster in the long run as long as you’re playing through these events as much as you can and checking back to put them on another short cycle as soon as they finish.


Part 6: Prove superiority in maintaining relationships

The Sims Mobile: Summer Throwdown League Event Guide

This might sound like a tough, time-consuming goal to complete, but it really isn’t. You don’t need to complete 3 relationship stories. Just 3 relationship events. This is incredibly easy to do with a Sim who does not have a relationship story with your Sim. Have your Sim introduce themselves to a stranger and select Begin Friendship/Rivalry/Romance. Like Part 3 of the event quest, your first relationship event with a new Sim will take no time at all.

TIP: When your event finishes and the game prompts you to select a relationship story, do not select one! Tap Choose Later, instead. This will let you repeat the super easy first event two more times with your chosen Sim. The quest only requires 3 events to be completed, not stories. If you just repeat your quick introductory event three times with the same Sim without selecting a story, you’ll be finished with this step in minutes without running out of energy.


Part 7: Prove capacity to consume more than rival

This part of the event quest will introduce you to the new events it brings. These new time-limited events will reward you with Participation Ribbons. You’ll be asked to complete the Competitive Eating event, which takes place at the restaurant. To get there, you can go to the restaurant via map mode or just tap the Competitive Eating tab on the event page.

Once your Sim is at the restaurant, tap the pink trophy icon to begin the event. This event works the same way as all other events you’re already accustomed to; perform event actions to fill up your progress bar or just put the game down for a while and come back in a few hours to collect your rewards. Playing through the event is more beneficial since you can complete it faster and move on to the next part of the quest.

Now that we’ve explained the basics and provided you with some helpful tips, we think you can handle the rest on your own. It won’t be a problem as long as you remember to follow the quests, do the new events as often as you can, and redeem your Participation Ribbons for Consolation Prize Chests.

I FINISHED THE QUESTS, WHAT NOW? Don’t give up on the event! Even after completing the main quest and earning the barback, you can still play through the new Summer Throwdown League events to earn more Participation Ribbons. If you’re still searching for that elusive dartboard when you’ve finished the quests, continuing to do events as often as you can is your ticket to claiming the grand prize before the Summer Throwdown League ends.

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