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The Sims Mobile: Dance Instructor Rerun Event Tips & Tricks

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In recent months, The Sims Mobile has been bringing back some older time-limited quests like the Space Explorer career and Internet Icon hobby. The latest rerun quest for the game is the Dance Instructor career. Players who did not get this career heirloom the first time around have a second chance to grab this career for their Sims.

Players who already have the Dance Instructor career will get the Athletic trait, along with some new fitness clothes for finishing this rerun quest. Thank you to David H. from our Sims Community Facebook group for this information and the athletic trait screenshot.

To begin the quest, update your game and log in. You’ll see a new time-limited quest called Dance Magic that just has one part. Complete this quick and easy quest to start the main quest which has 19 parts. Players will have just under 4 days to complete the main quest.

The Sims Mobile: Dance Instructor Rerun Event Tips & Tricks

Some Tips to Help

Wondering how to make the most of this quest? As always, Sims Community has your tips and tricks right here!

Anticipate Emily’s LlamaZoom Requests

Emily is adorable, but she is also extremely demanding. You can bet you’ll be asked to complete her LlamaZoom tasks several times throughout the duration of this quest. Emily will often ask you to complete at least one long event, which eats up a lot of time you can’t afford to waste. Make sure you have one Sim doing long events in anticipation of Emily. When she does ask you to finish a long event, you’ll already have a Sim who’s almost finished with it so you can save 7-8 precious hours and complete that task instantly.

Set Timers

Most short events take one hour to complete. It takes an hour and a half for a Sim to fully replenish their energy. Keep these time frames in mind and set a timer on your phone whenever you’re able to. This will remind you to check back with the game frequently so you can speed through the quest without worrying that you may have left your Sims doing a one hour event for the past eight hours.

Use Your Cupcakes and SimCash… but Only When Needed

Your cupcakes and SimCash are there to be used, but be sparing and smart about how you use them. If time is running out and you’re still several steps away from finishing the quest, it might be time to break out that emergency cupcake stash you’ve been saving up, but don’t throw away these precious resources too early. Save them for when you really need them.

Schedule Schedule Schedule

Work the quest around your real-life schedule as much as possible. Anticipate when you’ll be busy with work, school, or social engagements and plan your gaming sessions around them. If you know there’s a quest step that’s going to take 7-8 hours, try to get your Sims started on it before bed, work, or school. If you have some free time, try to speed through the shorter quest steps and one-hour events.

Relationships are King

Selecting the relationship tasks when you need to complete a LlamaZoom request is to your benefit because you can get those three short relationship events out of the way in minutes. Just find a Sim your Sim doesn’t already know, start a friendship event and breeze through it. When you’re prompted to select a relationship story for them, don’t choose one! Select Choose Later instead. Then continue doing those quick and easy intro events instead to complete Emily’s request. Relationships go much faster than hobbies and careers.


We know these events can get pretty intense and sometimes stressful, but it’s important to remember that The Sims Mobile is a game and games are meant to be fun. If you find yourself feeling frustrated by your progress, just remember that you did your best and had fun trying. Who knows? You might have another opportunity to get the rewards later on if The Sims Mobile continues to bring back older limited-time quests periodically.

How far are you in the Dance Instructor quest? Let us know in the comments or share your progress with us on social media!

Don’t see any changes? Update your game! Go to the app page in the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) and select Update.

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