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The Sims Team issues a statement about The Sims 4 price change in Brazil


Just a few days ago Brazilian Simmers have noticed a sudden price change of The Sims 4 Expansion Packs on Origin, changing the prices of Expansion Packs from 130BRL to 160BRL. This change has been made just a few days ago without a warning and plenty of Simmers in Brazil have started protesting this change with the hashtags #FairPriceTheSims and #BrazilCantCheatMotherlode.

SimGuruKate has issued a statement about the price change, saying that EA had to update the price so they could match the globar pricing for the game.

If you convert 160 Brazilian Real to US Dollars you would get around 42 USD compared to 35USD that you would get if you converted the previous price.

This isn’t the first time that EA has changed the pricing of The Sims 4 + Packs on Origin, as well as other online and retail stores as well. Just last year EA has changed the pack prices for 12 different countries so that the local game price could be closer to the price of the game in the United States.

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