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The Sims Mobile Developers are moving to The Sims 4 Team

UPDATE: SimGuruBeth has also announced her switch to The Sims 4 Team!

With the official announcement that The Sims Mobile’s development is moving all the way to Australia at the Firemonkeys Studio, many have been left wondering what’s going to happen with the current developers / SimGurus that have worked on The Sims Mobile at EA Redwood. Although we haven’t received an official announcement yet, we are seeing a few SimGurus slowly but surely making a switch to The Sims 4 / Maxis HD titles.

As soon as the unofficial report came out about the big switch, SimGuruFelix, UI / UX developer made an announcement that he’ll be switching to The Sims HD Team. More specifically, to The Sims 4:

Just a few days ago there’s been an announcement that SimGuruFrost, who previously worked as a Community Manager for The Sims Mobile is getting a new role as a Community Manager for The Sims 4 and the Game Changers for that game:

We also have SimGuruAzure who seems to have updated her Twitter bio from stating that she’s working on The Sims Mobile to “Producer at Maxis”. Previously she worked as a developer on The Sims 4 from day one, then she switched to The Sims Mobile Team and now it seems she’s back working on The Sims 4 again.

The same goes for SimGuruGibson who recently updated his Twitter bio to “Gameplay Engineer for The Sims 4”.

There’s still a few Sims Mobile SimGurus that haven’t updated their profiles yet nor have they made an announcement about their new home. But, it seems that, now that The Sims Mobile will be handled by a whole new team, the current Mobile Gurus will switch to Maxis HD titles / The Sims 4.

Please note that the fact that The Sims Mobile developers are switching to a new team *doesn’t* mean they’ll also be switching the development process and practices to The Sims 4.

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  • Im so sad because i tried sims 4 mobile on my LG because it would never let me get past human verification and i had to do and over and over again but i am a proud fan of the sims mobile and would like to know if a sims 4 pc run on a chromebook.

  • Well there goes any chance at me getting into the franchise Sims mobile could have been great but both apps were butchered.

    • The Sims 4 isn’t slated to be on phones, as far as I’m aware. If you don’t have a computer/laptop or game console, you cannot play TS4.
      This was just an article on some staff members previously on the mobile team now working on the PC team. If anything, that suggests mobile will be recieving less content and PC will have more.
      May have read your post completely wrong, but I hope this clears that up. No Sims 4 for mobile, likely not ever, and Mobile is probably not gonna get as much content for a bit.

  • why can’t the sims 4 mobile be exactly like the the sims 4 ? etc speeding time. having loads of baby’s without buying , cc .

  • hmmmm, They do a big bug squashing update, announce one of each type of pack coming (3 in all), and then move staff over from the mobile version… Could it be that they have moved the existing TS4 staff to The Sims 5 development, the update, pack announcement reminds me of what they did in the last year of the previous Sims versions! (1,2, and 3).

    I hope so, and I hope they get TS5 right this time (Open City, easy to mod, colour wheel back for everything, more in the Base Game than TS4 had (eg. all life stages, pools, etc.)).

    • I think what really held TS4 back was EA not wanting to start off fresh when their initial mobile plans fell through and the gurus have a crappy engine to work with that we all know by know is heavily responsible for the limitations. As a company ceo I could understand wanting to save money but as a consumer and a fan it’s frustrating. Plus it’s even more so to be a guru who grew up enjoying the game to see it fall apart in EA’s hands while you’re trying hard to keep that magic you remember. To be fair TS4 is very easy to mod but obviously some more detailed mods require experience and patience. As with an open world I think they need to find a balance between that and the visiting lot sim population so we don’t have to do loading screens for each household, the bugs with the horses going off map and there isn’t just a small group of sims. I think many of us are looking forward to TS5 one day but it all depends on the foundation and what shortcuts EA wants to take. Still the game franchise depends on the success of TS4 because to EA it’s all about the bottom line like with for profit companies.

  • i dont like sims mobile too much… its the sims but with stories to appeal to teenage girls who play story games… i thought i was making families? but it’s not horrible.