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SimGuruFrost Steps into Community Manager Role for The Sims 4

Earlier today, @SimGuruLyndsay announced on Twitter that The Sims Team has a new Community Manager. @SimGuruFrost, who previously worked on The Sims Mobile prior to Firemonkeys Studio’s acquisition of the title, will be stepping into the role of Community Manager for The Sims 4. @SimGuruLyndsay also mentioned in her tweet that @SimGuruFrost will be working with the Game Changers program.

The tweet was met with a warm welcome for @SimGuruFrost from the Simming community, but also some concern over what @SimGuruKate‘s position is within The Sims Team now. @SimGuruLyndsay assured Simmers that @SimGuruKate is still with The Sims Team and will be working behind the scenes, focusing primarily on bringing new announcements and Maxis Monthly content to the fanbase.

We wish both @SimGuruFrost and @SimGuruKate all the best in their new roles on The Sims Team!

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