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14 struggles that New The Sims 4 Players will never have to experience

8) I’d like to speak to the designer of The Sims 4’s initial user interface design

Double yikes.

9) Lockable doors? I don’t know her.

10) Indoors that were quite dark

The indoors in The Sims 4 were quite dark for a while until The Sims Team decided to finally let the daylight in.

11) Who said that this was okay

12) Babies and Children would automatically be plopped into a rabbit hole daycare center until the parents come back

Luckily you can now hire nannies to take care of your precious ones!

13) Sims had tendencies to get stuck below stairs

The only escape was the good old resetsim cheat.

14) Musical Chairs

Sims sitting while having a conversation was one of The Sims 4’s greatest obstacles as they would stand up and relocate every few seconds.

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  • Oh man Sims 4 surely was messy at launch but after the toddlers patch I really started liking it.

    Cant wait for whats missing in Sims 5

    Age Restriction: 0 = for Everbody, means No more Deaths +pregnancy
    Missing lifestages: Babies/Toddlers + Seniors
    No open world
    No pools
    No dishwasher
    No oven
    The ability to switch light off is missing
    Messy interface
    Online only (bad servers which you have to pay for)
    etc …..

    Sims 5 beta basically. After 3-4 years we will then have the real sims 5….after it gets all its updates.

  • Also we initially didn’t have ghosts either. It wasn’t until a month after the initial release that we got them.

  • I think there is a type for #2. Where is says “toddlers” I think it is meant to say “ghosts” based on the explanation.

  • We also didn’t have basements! I also think the number of levels the houses could have was less, but I might be wrong on that one.
    I still have problems with #14, but it isn’t as bad as it was!

    Ah, I spy Dennis Kim in #13! The infamous Spencer-Kim-Lewis stairs! In my game the first to fall victim to this stair trap was Vivian Lewis! :( These stairs sure didn’t like the elderly! :_(

  • Could you fix the thing where when you go on a build on the gallery it says everything is “999,999,999” instead of the real amount?
    And also when you look at the News on the gallery how it says “No Packs” when there are packs.

    Please fix it.

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