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The Sims 4 Development Team is expanding after the recent success report

EA’s latest Q1 of Fiscal Year 2020 report came out yesterday is of huge significance for The Sims 4 and its future.

In case you don’t know, the report states that The Sims 4 grew its player base tremendously thanks to the Free Base Game promotion. Not only that but the promotion also grew the sales of Expansion Packs, Game Packs and Stuff Packs for up to 55% compared to Q1 of Fiscal Year 2019.

EA has promised that Fiscal Year 2020, which lasts from April 2019 to April 2020 will be the biggest year for the game yet, and it seems they’re acting on those words by expanding The Sims 4’s development team.

Just a few days ago Maxis’ Careers Page has been updated with up to 15 new job listings including multiple positions for Object Modelers, Concept Artists, Animators and more.

The same pattern occured with Apex Legends, a battle royale game which after its success has opened up a lot of new job opportunities for people to work on the game. The Sims 4 and Apex Legends are currently EA’s two biggest games at the moment.

So, what does this mean for the future of The Sims 4? Well it seems that they’re holding on to their promise to make Fiscal Year 2020 the biggest one for the game yet. With 15 new job positions which have been opened up just recently and the fact that The Sims Mobile’s Development Team at EA Rewdood has moved to work on The Sims 4 we could be seeing more content and packs not just in the next few months but in the next few years as well.

Here are the The Sims 4 job openings that are currently available:

  • 3 x Concept Artist
  • Assistant Producer
  • 5 x Object Modeler
  • Environment Artist
  • 2 x Animator
  • Technical Animation Director
  • Character Outsorcing Reviewer
  • Game Designer

Want to see what it takes to be a part of The Sims 4’s Development Team? Click here!

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  • what the hell does this even mean? the current team has over 200 employees, more than half of them work on marketing and localization. even with that great number, EA is still willing to exploit us by releasing a glorified game pack like Island Living.

    does EA think that hiring a handful of roles would significantly improve the game?

    • Well, they’re hiring more people so they can make bigger and better DLC. It would help, because that means more can get done if more people are sharing the workload. So yes, I think more people would help the game.

      • From visiting various sims related sites it still confuses me about people who clearly don’t like the game are as engaged with sims 4 related news as people who do like the game. I just never understood that sort of time wasting in regards to anything I don’t like and have the free will not to actively seek it out. Either you’re just seeking a means to get angry to justify whatever your opinions are or have to trash something that others enjoy simply because it bothers you that they do find some enjoyment so you have to resort to insulting them be it their gender or age as if enjoying a game you don’t is a crime. Not one weapon is pointed at anyone to play this game or follow news related to it.

        • @Rene

          im not determined to hate the actuality of TS4 itself. i just want it to improve just like older games to be better, stronger, more simulation. but apparently, it isnt. it’s been almost half a decade, and TS4 is still unfinished half baked barebones sims game.

          we’re not continuously throwing shades on the game unless EA finally fixes the bugs and add lots of replayable gameplay and not just something that we will forget after playing for like 5 minutes.

          i feel so sorry for people who almost spent 400 bucks on this product only to not withold their judgment and justify their hard earned money cuz this game isnt free and this is probably one of the most expensive game i’ve ever heard. i spent most of time participating through the forums and there are a lot of people there just like me who may hate the game but want it to improve to become a better game.

          but EA doesnt give a dam about the OG simmers but only the rich instagram girls with rich daddies.

          ETA you cant just stop people from sharing their feedbacks on the product they just bought. you can freely enjoy the game but we dont care cuz we dont feel that way.

          as always, happy simming.

          • I AM an OG Simmer. Been a fan since Hot Date, way back in 2001.

            You realise The Sims has ALWAYS been a very simple game, right? You act like you want the game to be bigger and better (even though more employees equals more budget BTW) but you’re looking at the game through rose-tinted glasses.

            Was Island Living’s gameplay extremely simple? Sure. But that’s because it’s a Sims game. This is what Sims gameplay looks like.

    • It means EA has increased the budget.

      In order to get more content, you need more people making it.


      More money == more people

      • EA doesnt work that way

        Less People to Pay = More Money for the Investors
        Less Budget – Less Effort
        Shorter Deadlines – Less Quality Products
        More Half Baked DLCs = More Profit

        this is what we’re clearly seeing with EA

    • Why? We haven’t gotten popular dlc like university yet. Seems to me people who want TS5 can sit down, wait and come back. It wouldn’t make sense from a business point of view to abandon TS4 when it’s making money including on an international level and since the game itself is incomplete that would only piss off people who actually spent money on packs. Plus it takes a long while for games to become ready for consumers and likely EA won’t make the same mistake it made with the engine for TS4 (hopefully). The franchise has three others you can play if TS4 isn’t your cup of tea so you can very easily entertain yourself until TS4 is complete and TS5 is ready unless of course you wish to rush the process and end up with another limited engine with content taking longer because the finished project was rushed or incomplete due to EA being stingy.

      • @ Rene

        i dont know but u seems to be that type of simmer who have a weird cult of loyalty towards EA. you even mentioned and wanted the company to rake more money by releasing half baked and cash grab DLCs.

        thankfully, Paralives is coming soon and we all can leave simmers like you alone to play your low quality game. thank u

        and im tired of hearing people ‘then go play the other games then’ bullcrap. we still play older games cuz it still have the charms and magic of a sims game. but for the TS4 which EA boasted to be better than any sims game before which in reality, a game with lots of DLCs running on a online mobile game engine.

        y’all fools

          • @Eyeroll emoji

            you probably have no idea how game development works. i dont want to waste my time writing stuffs just to disagree with you cuz you’re clearly not seeing the real issue here and you’re not worth my time. it’s like teaching a blind person how to recognize colors.

    • 4 years.

      And what you’ve just described, is a Sims game. They’re simple by design.
      Why are you still here if you don’t like Sims gameplay?

      • @Eyeroll emoji

        you’re clearly wrong about that. TS2 and TS3 have a very intense gameplay. It has unpredictable and complex immersion. Take TS2 Sims personalities for instance, they have more and realistic emotions than TS4. TS3 has more a more creative and complete freedom when it comes to world and customization.

        you’re obviously just basing your glorified opinions from TS4.

    • So I noticed you been commenting every post on here that you disagree with. If people like to spend their money on half grabs then let them, because some actually are happy with the product. I’ve played the sims since sims 2, sims 3 and sims 4, I’ve noticed they lack content in their stuff packs especially, I think they shouldn’t make game packs and actually work on those game packs to become expansion packs with more content. Every sims games won’t be exactly as the first, since you have to develop everything by scratch but using the same concept. I’m honestly happy they are expanding because they’ll have jobs for 3D modelers/animators for me and others in the future.

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