The Sims 5

The Sims 5 will also release on PS5 (according to PlayStation Magazine)

Please note that this post doesn’t contain official confirmation from EA!

With a next-gen console that is Playstation 5 gaming enthusiast have been dying to know which games will be released to this console.

The Official PlayStation Magazine has released a brand new issue just a few days ago listing all of the games that are expected to come out for PS5. Among many confirmed video game titles The Sims 5 has also been mentioned for a PS5 release. The description for The Sims 5’s listing says:

A generation-spanning sequel could have online features, as EA has mentioned “social interaction and competition”.

The listing has been marked with a red circle, meaning that the expected release date is 12+ months and could take much longer than that. This listing also seems to be heavily relying on the information that we posted a few months ago where EA’s CEO confirmed that the Next-Generation Sims Game is in the making.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the next-generation Sims game will be exclusive to Playstation 5 (because that would just be absurd). However it’s still interesting how The Sims 5 has been included in this list of upcoming PS5 games.

We’ll have to wait for the official announcement and find out what the game is all about, when’s it coming out and where can we play it. Until then, the developers are still saying that The Sims 4 will be getting regular new content for years to come!

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  • I wish EA would just announce it already… just tell us players they’re working on it and maybe give us a sneak peek of the title or something. We’ve been kept in the dark so long.

      • Exactly. And if it starts off with a bad engine like TS4 because EA didn’t want to spend more money, it will be a major letdown and a lot of drama because EA has no excuses left since they have functioning mobile games. The team had to scrap many things and then had to restart because of that decision on EA’s part. I really want the team to take their time and bring popular things back from each sim game in the franchise because if EA has its way with some of the deadlines it would make for a disaster.

      • Exactly, no one wants to be hyped up 2 years before the release, too many companies do that nowadays, CDPR with Cyberpunk 2077 is one of them.

        I want to know about it when it has a confirmed release date period.

    • That would be so cool if they did that. I’m praying that will bring back fireman , so I know the fire in your house The firemen will come the same as somebody tries to rob your house The police will come. And with the babies I would like them to bring back the crib in the changing table and the stages of when your baby grows up just like it was in the Sims 3.

    • Thats what happened with the sims 4 and the community harassed ea to release it early, they kind of did and you know what happened next

      • No, they didn’t. They postponed the game from Spring 2014 to Fall 2014 and it had nothing to do with the community harassing them.

  • Maybe it’s the introvert in me but I don’t want an online game. No offense but I don’t want other players in my game. I feel like play styles will be an issue. For example, say you like playing legacies and this other player like to create cults.

    • i agree. i like playing at my on pace to. i wont play with other ppl. i guess i would retire if they do that.

    • True. It definitely needs to be an option for those who prefer solo play. It would be nice to grant limited access to players you want to join you to play a separate world or a shared world especially if you have the same play style. Like if you enjoy playing historically based.

  • No official release year but we knew they were working on TS5. EA cannot afford to screw over TS5 like they did with TS4. If they had just continued trying to make it a mobile and then did a different engine for TS4 a lot of our issues (both consumers and gurus) would’ve been a lot less. But they are a for profit company and it’s not as if the people making the decisions are the ones who have to do the hard work. All I know is that I’m going to do a better job organizing my mods folder for TS5 because yikes it’s a struggle with my current mod folder even though it was organized into folders. I spent so much time with CAS and the sims I created so I wished there was a way to transfer them into TS5 even if it meant forgoing the custom content items I have on them.

  • I wish sims would allow us to have more cheats on a Xbox other that a pc having all the cheats- I know this is unrelated

  • Sims 4 is far from being done tho… We still need faeries, werewolves, horses, farms, pool tables, more rec stuff… I can go on

  • Let’s just hope there will be open world, just like in The Sims 3. Also cool addition could be Pets and Seasons on base version.

    • Doubtful. Those two packs are two of their popular ones in the franchise. However, it would be nice If they have mild weather like light rain and small pets like hamsters and fishes you can interact with. Wouldn’t mind open world or at least open neighborhoods. I know there are some people who had issues with their computers because open worlds were too much for theirs (excluding any glitches users got in general) so I think the team will have to make a decision upfront even if it means excluding some players or we might end up with a legacy edition again if they try to lower the requirements too much. If they have a better engine this time around (there is no excuse this time EA you already have a functioning mobile game) they shouldn’t need to use loading screens for TS5.

  • a Sims 5 shouldn’t even be considered right now not for another few more years perhaps 2022. Sims 4 still needs a lot more content, packs, updates, etc….. I mean its good to think for the future but not that soon

      • 2021 should be the earliest for them to start wrapping up. The game still needs to add somethings to complete its run such as updating the babies, the ability to copy/paste makeup (would be nice but unlikely) and adding some more supernatural like werewolves. Houseboats, cars (TS2 style because of loading screens) and burglars should also make a comeback. They also need to give some separate focus to elders and teens in stuff packs because I feel young adults/adults get the most focus in game even with a “granny” knitting pack the elders really didn’t get much (items that looked more suitable for a much older sim).

  • I Really hope they make a mix of the sims 2 details, sims 3 gameplay and complexity and sims 1 music. Sims 4, just forget about it, I cannot count how many people had played it for a couple of hours and just left it forever.

    • And I can’t count how many people still play it or those still invested in TS4 news despite not caring/hate about the game. Even if you don’t like the gameplay of TS4 it’s CAS, for example, is much better. Just add some sliding/height and color wheel and that should quiet those who are grumbling. And frankly, I prefer not having a sim head following my mouse when I’m clicking on them to do tasks. I rather go back to TS2 with everything except as I said CAS and using open neighborhoods or worlds. I found myself playing TS2 more than TS3 even now.

    • what “sims 3 gameplay” though? taking “an extreme shower”? the only good things about sims 3 were cast and the open world, and they both performed quite poorly in many computers, no matter how powerful the machine. many of the awful things about sims 4 started being implemented with sims 3.

  • a lot of people have this idealized view of sims 2 and I honestly wish they would just install sims 2 and try to play it with no mods. it won’t be long until your game breaks and all your progress is lost. sometimes clicking certain in-game buttons may completely destroy your game. and yes, gameplay also gets boring in sims 2, you know? like in most sims games.

    p.s. I’m a ts2 player.

  • I guess I only have one expectation, I want to play with my friends online in the same world or even same family. That’s everything I want. But I can’t wait for the Sims 5. I love the game and I hope it includes some features from sims 2. Like the Memory system. It was one of my faves :D

  • I feel like, Sims 5, shouldn’t even be in the works, as a main focus yet. We are still waiting on SO MUCH, in regards to TS4. Its so empty, boring and needs a LOT of additional game play options, FREE content, like… stuff that SHOULD have already been in the game, especially after certain stuff packs and expansion packs! Like, for instance … the BASE game, should have come with the color/design wheel in create a sim, babies that were play-able, baby care items/toys, fire fighters, police, robbers, repomen, custom build features, like spiraling staircases and so much more. And then packs/worlds … like the kids pack… even though most of this should have already been in the base game, but wasn’t … they SHOULD have come with way more kids clothes ( cute matching ones, not outfits a clown would throw together) cute hair styles, accessories etc. They should have come with BUNK BEDS, toys, playground equipment (something better than the lame ship or boat play set) toddler toys, learning object’s, cute toddler care item’s, the kids should have bikes, hide n seek, tag, sleepovers, holiday event’s that ACTUALLY WORK, way better halloween costumes… my kids are always sausages, cuz blah at all the Star Wars crap. They should have sand boxes, imaginary friends, better matching furniture and just way more things to do overall. Kids in TS4 are SO bored and the toddler’s are completely annoying. The babies have no point. The teens also are neglected, where is Prom and sneaking out, dances, getting in trouble etc… better clothes and options would be nice. Adults have most of the game play, but still have wayyyy too many clown college outfits and funky, crazy hair. Not enough accessories, like pretty MATCHING jewelry set’s, the ability for make up/nail polish (for kids and teen’s too) etc. I am out of room, but my point is, there’s SO much yet to add to TS4, too early for TS5!!!

  • If we do have a sims 5, I would like to be able to create sims with and without disabilities. The needs of my sims with disabilities would range in severity from those who need a wheelchair for even the shortest distances, to those who can walk independently. From those who find it difficult to feed, dress, bathe, or care for themselves in any way, to those who are almost completely independent in these areas. From those who find it very difficult to communicate at all, to those who have very little difficulty with any form of communication. From those who would have great difficulty functioning in a typical school or employment setting, to those who can function very well in those types of settings with very little support. From those who are (or will be) able to live completely independently as adults, to those who will continue to need constant care and supervision throughout their whole lifespan. From those who do everything they can to avoid social interaction with other sims, to those who enjoy talking to and interacting with others, but may appear somewhat awkward.

    I would like to be able to create sims with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, chromosomal abnormalities (such as Down’s Syndrome), Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability, Non-Verbal Learning Disorders, ADHD, hearing impairments, visual impairments, among many others.

    I would also like to have the ability to add public, private, charter, and magnet day schools to the neighborhood. I would even love to have the option for adult sims to homeschool children, preteens, and teens. I would love to add special classes and schools for gifted children, schools and classes for children with certain disabilities, schools and classes for children who are both gifted/talented AND have disabilities, schools and classes that focus on a specific skill, schools and classes that focus on a specific learning style (ex. hands-on, auditory, visual, etc.).

  • If we do have the sims 5, I would also like to see a height adjuster added into the game, in addition to having a weight, skin color/tone, muscle size and tone, and voice and pitch adjuster. The reason for this is because I might want some of my sims to be short and slender, while I might want other sims to be athlete tall, and rather heavy.

    I would also like my infant, toddler, and child sims who are taken from their homes to be either placed in foster care or placed for adoption (and I would like to be able to choose which one). If the adults in the household all die, or have their children removed from their care, and there is another adult on the lot, they can even ask if I want to have that adult adopt any of the infants, toddlers, or children in the home.