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EA’s CEO confirms a next generation Sims game; might have both Single-Player and Multiplayer

First we wrote about career listings that hinted about the production of the next Sims game. Then we had some more clues adding up that the game is in development. And now, we have an official confirmation from Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO about the plans for THE NEXT GENERATION SIMS GAME!

In the Third Quarter of FY2020 earnings call, Andrew Wilson was asked a question if Maxis has any plans of relaunching an online version of The Sims – like The Sims Online that was present from 2002 to 2008. Andrew Wilson gave an interesting answer, saying that Maxis is continuously thinking about The Sims for a new generation and that features from The Sims Online will become a part of that experience “in the years to come”.

Throughout his answer Andrew shared that, although they will always stay true to creation, escape, motivations and more (hinting at some of the keywords of an offline game), that they will also start to embrace a new social experience such as social interactions and competitions (as they were present in The Sims Online years ago) in a Sims experience in the years to come.

Check out our full transcript of the interview as well as the full audio recording:

Question: Any thoughts on relaunching an online version of the franchise given its large popularity? (referring to The Sims Online that was present up until 2008)

Andrew Wilson (EA CEO): Great question on The Sims! The Sims will be 20 next week. That Maxis team and the team that’s been a part of Maxis over the years continue to deliver unbelieavably innovative and creative content for a constantly growing Sims community globally. As we think about The Sims – again, I reference the motivations of why we play the games – inspiration, escape, social interaction, creation, self improvement, competition. Typically what The Sims has done is really focus on fulfilling the motivations and inspiration, escape, creation, self-improvement and not necessarily focus as much as on social interaction and competition.

But a few things are in fact true over the years. One is that the Sims community continues to grow and with the broad of social platforms continue to connect with each other and share what they do – in and around the game they play. And we’ve seen that manifest in The Sims Online which was a more social experience for us. And we’re also seeing that the competition nature of The Sims is also rising and we’re seeing people compare and contrast. Not competition in an original sport sense but how they create and what they create and how they use their imaginations and what they’re able to build inside of these Sims universes.

As Maxis continues to think about The Sims for a new generation – cross-platforms and a cloud of a neighborhood world, you should imagine while we will always stay true to our inspiration, escape, creation, self-improvement, motivations – that this notion of social interactions and competition like the kind of things that were actually present in The Sims Online many many years ago – that they will start to become a part of The Sims experience in the years to come.

We are very excited. This is a game that really doesn’t have any competition in its category for delivering and fulfilling these motivations for players and we think of the tremendous growth opportunities for us for many many years to come.

So, what are your thoughts on the next generation Sims game and what should be included? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Sims 5 in 2023 ? Could that be possible or is it delusional..?
    2023 is early I think but not impossible. 2024/5 is more likely tho

    • Your sim is so pretty! I am so happy with EA today. I have decided to look at TS4 as a building game instead of a simulation game. Then I wouldn’t have much to complain about. If I only looked at TS4 as a building/home interior game and a game that lets you make unique sims then I could be happy. I just have to realize that EA took the game a different direction from the old days. It’s no longer about the simulation. I went to play “House Flipper,” and I came to realize that I could be happy if I just looked at TS4 as a game like House Flipper. I just have to lower my expectations of gameplay and then I wouldn’t have so many complaints. Wish me luck! I’ll be okay. I am very happy I can make my rl stairs in my rl house in the game now :) As for the future games, I would love a real simulation game again like it was with TS2 and if you offer an option to go online and visit each others worlds to tours each others homes great! Even better, it would be nice to have an online area that changes each month and offered ways to earn prizes like a fairgrounds or zoo and such. I’d pay extra for a server that offered that experience.

    • What are you talking about? Sims 5 will probably release in early 2021, a sim guru confirmed a year and a half ago that sims 4 only has 3 years of content left

    • If there is going to be online then what about if people want to date? Plus if that does happen and they move in can they destroy your house or even control you?

  • I have been playing The Sims from day 1 and am still addicted. If there is a new generation, I personally am not interested in a multi-player game. I play the Sims to get away from people….this is my escapism.
    I do hope you bring back the ability to custom color clothing, furniture and building materials in game.
    And please, may we please get a basic Julia Child style pearl necklace?

    • I agree. I think it’s nice that people are getting creative with building and sharing that and what not, but I think that has happened because the gameplay of The Sims 4 has been lacking. It’s somehow not challenging enough, but at the same time incredibly frustrating to play. I find myself building a lot more in The Sims 4 and working on these skills, but I would prefer to be playing the actual game (and not in a multiplayer context).

    • As long as it’s opt-in, I’d be totally fine with it. I’d still want to play by myself most of the time, but once in a while it could be fun to play with my brother, who lives an hour away, or try to keep my household running smoothly while my partner does everything possible to sabotage it.

      • I agree with you 100%. I love to play the game alone but I wouldn’t mind being able to play with friends or family from time to time.

      • They could make different modes, one being online, the other offline which might make it easier to then transfer builds and sims from each.

  • I think TS5 should be the best if the team takes all they’ve learned from the past games and the mistakes that shouldn’t be allowed to happen again especially regarding the engine used. I’m curious about what features they’ll keep, what will be reworked and what is just unnecessary in the long run.

    • Also don’t wondering what the spec requirements will be because we don’t need another legacy situation if they’re trying to include old machines while wanting to add features that will be too challenging for those machines. Hopefully they keep the graphics at the same or better but include more customization. This really should be a time to include the community (though people still get mad when the majority rules) but there are many posts around over the years that highlight popular wants. I do wonder if they go back to open worlds how will they try to balance it so there’s no “ghost town” situation that could happen in TS3 where there’s many five sims on a lot compared to the cap limit of 20 for TS4.

    • Issue is its not all up to the team.

      It’s corporate they have to impress.

      For example project orlympus was the same as SimCity2013. An online game due to corporate wanting online experiences after spores release.

      Flip from a talk Stone, gave according to him corporate would even go over the designer heads and tell the team what to do in some areas.

      So yeah let’s hope the team gets what they want and it’s not another corporate capitalists making demands and chamges

  • Honestly can we be able to go to school with the sims children if we can do it for work why not for school too and also can we have more interactive worlds to create just because

      • Me too. I have been playing sims since it first started also waiting for sims future for sims 4 but wanted cars also want to be able to go to with my Sims to work at other jobs

      • I miss the cars!!! I think it’s just ridiculous that they show parking lots in some areas and will have 1 or 2 cars occasionally drive by on the road but they don’t have cars actually in the game for your sims to drive.

    • I believe you would love to purchase the micro transactions “Coins” that EA is definitely going to put in the game and ruin it aswell, right? Come on…

    • then you should join us at FreeSO (free Sims Online) . It is still in beta testing, come help get the kinks out! It is reimplementing the Sims Online!!!

  • I’m here for a multiplayer version of the sims. I love playing single player and multiplayer Minecraft and I think it would be awesome for the Sims!

    • Tbh, idk if I’m ready for TS5. Let me explain, it took me YEARS to fall in love with TS4 & I’m scared that it’ll be the same with TS5. It took me that long because of how different it was from TS3, no open world, no cars. Things I was used to.

      Don’t get me wrong I now love the fact that I dont have to pay for a car. But when ur used to seeing cars a d getting in one or a taxi, it’s hard to take in.

      What I’d like to see in TS5 is the CAS creatin to be as easy as it is rn. More choices when it comes to eyes or hair, more hairstyles too since it get repetitive. Having the option to make any sorts of cats/dogs even if they have a disability. Little things like that, better emotions too. I want The Sims 5 to be a better The Sims 4. Something everyone can enjoy.

  • I’m excited about the news, The Sims 5? Maybe, but I’m worried about the multiplayer mode since that was partly the failure of the Sims 4

  • Can we please have interactive babies that are not OBJECTS, Open worlds would be great too and also more realism when it comes to Cas and emotions? I know its alot to ask but these things will be put to great use

  • Probably not gonna happen but I want to be able to transfer sim4 families / creations to the Sims 5 I hate having to start all over

    I also hope we get more customization options for the clothes like in Sims 3 anyway I’m really looking forward to the new game hope they take all the suggestions we’ve made over the years on what we’d like to have more of

    • That would be a dream come true to just transfer sims or builds over but I don’t think that will be possible so I’m not getting my hopes up for that. If somehow you could transfer the sim themselves but not the clothes I would love that at least.

  • Should add cars where they can drive to work an have teens learn how to drive an move babies in their arms every where that move or relax at.chores,ba y shower event , neighborhood party event , baby strollers, pets have water blows,lots of food,also growth so wen the sims have kids we know what MONTH an age they are an have brithday at every age wen the grow

  • A lot of the comments here seem skeptical to say the least. I have to say that frankly a multiplayer option would be amazing. All I would need is my household to exist in the same world as my partner’s and I would love it. At the very least it would save the hassle of building something in my system and then sending it over to my partner through the gallery. And beyond that the idea of building relationships with my partner’s sims sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Not to say that “seeing my partner control her sims on my screen” wouldn’t be amazing, but I could live without that… The shared world in general though… That’s something I sincerely think is a core feature that should be included .

  • Sul sul everyone! I absolutely love TS4 but there are some fixes that need to be made. I think being able to play online with friends is great but we should also have the option to play how we do now. Instead of making TS5 I think EA should continue to focus on TS4 and listen to what we would all like too see happen in the game. Yes there are certain things they can and can’t do which is understandable. I also feel like they should keep working on TS4 because a lot of us are still trying to get the new stuff packs etc. and spending all that money just to find out there is a possible better sims coming is frustrating. Not sure if it’s just me but I’m quite happy where TS4 is right now besides some fixes ‍♀️

  • I would like to be able to create a family within the same game with my friend we both use computer but wish we could meet each other in the game with characters we made on our individual computers.

  • Of course EA gonna jump on that multiplayer to get that sweet $$$, and bombard the next sims with micro and even more dlc. Damn EA can you pls not destroy every single game you touch.

  • I want to approach his statement in a different way. It doesn’t meant it has to be a ‘new’ Sims game, but it’s about something new, edgy & in-trend or radical in certain way. I would suggest that it’s about giving us an option, like what we suppose to have in this current era. “Option” to play the OG style as well as playing it perhaps as MMO. It should give us another world that allows us to interact with another Simmers, as and when we want. I personally would prefer to play it offline, but I won’t limit myself for not trying to play The Sims online too. However, I don’t think that I would be very happy to start investing in another Sims series.

  • I would love to see multiplayer added back on like they used to have in some of the first sims games on console. I would also like the city editing you could do for sims 2.

  • Really?! I have other games that I play for the multiplayer option! The sims is somewhere where I can escape to and I wouldn’t particularly want others in my game, so I won’t be buying this when it’s out.

  • I love the sims I have sims2 3.n4 but I like sims2 the best. Its like being in your own world controlling the people. building your own city I love it. What ever new
    Sim they come out with sims2 will always be my favorite

  • I am still concerned that there are still issues with the Sims 4 game so I cant think that far ahead. The acting career certainly needs fixing I am so frustrated. I took my sim through University to prepare him for the acting career but I cant get him a gold as the preparation that I do for his Gig disappears and goes to not started when you change lots and you don’t have time to do it when you get to the Gig. HELP !!!!!!

  • Can sims 5 also be in console? I would appreciate split-screen multiplayer in console since my sibling and I want to play the same slot at the same time with our own households.

  • I have been a Simmer since the first release and i honestly believe that if they could combine the features of all the sims such as the simulation in TS2 the customization and live play in TS3 as well as the building tools in TS4 (Give us round walls!!!) And create a platform like IMVU where players can visit each others worlds and interact with other players sims (with privacy settings of course for those who like to play solo) and of course a center world run by EA itself with different themes reflecting world events that are happening at the current time (such as holidays, celebrations, venues etc). I personally would love to finally have a Farming feature with horses. The pets in its entirety should be expanded. A lot more social interactions and personal actions to choose from. Instead of just viewing a object have other interactions such as finding inspiration with a artist or breaking a object like a troublemaker lol. The Sims has so much potential. With the right programming it could be the game of the century

  • I would be extremely excited for an online option for The Sims 4! Especially if you could host your own servers. That would bring in so much opportunity for Roleplaying as well as other fun things.

  • I just wish the Sims wasn’t such an expensive thing to purchase. I wish they would make their game more available and affordable to people who aren’t so privileged they can afford to spend like £100 on a game and it’s expansions

    • @ El EA is a for profit company that needs to make back at least what they spend on the final products and the teams. Your best bet would be to wait until TS5 is around. Like when T4 came out, TS3 games are much cheaper and even go on sale (steam). Also you don’t have to get every DLC, pick and choose what’s most important to your game style and look at for sales because some have been really good.

    • It’s a free game for February on the PS4 so it’s just waiting for it to go cheaper really. Just like the dlc it goes on sale quite a bit so just wait for the right time

  • 1. No one should be surprised they’re coming out with a new base game after all these expansions. That’s been the pattern for the last 4 games.

    2. Multiplayer would be great if my friend and I want to be able to see our houses and people in the same neighborhood remotely. An individual option should be available though.

    3. I’d love being able to create materials and patterns again!


    5. BRING SIMS MEDIEVAL BACK. it was a 100% underrated game and the game I most enjoyed actual gameplay rather than building. I’m usually a builder on all platforms, but sims medieval was the shiiizzzzz ♥️

  • Y’all should make it for us to actually play online with friends, like gta. Being able to go in our friends online, have a relationship online and everything!

  • Multiplayer, fine, as long as it’s not with strangers in the same town… or if it can be turned off. Sims is my escape from people. I wouldn’t mind being able to play with my brother, but I don’t want it to become yet another MMORPG. I’ll play LOTRO when I want to play those. I’ve been with Sims from the beginning and have nearly all content to date, but if Sims 5 will only be available as online play, count me out.

  • I just want to know how to use the custom mod for multiplayer games and items. If these fees are charged, I won’t play them

  • I think they should make sure sims 4 is complete before they even start thinking sims 5. I think people, me included, are just not ready to go through the buying 30+ packs yet.

    • That’s true. It will take a few years before TS5 would be ready to launch. And I mean actually ready and not what they did with TS4 because EA didn’t want to give it the engine it deserved because of their initial failed attempt at mobile. TS4 started out with such a disadvantage and potential that just can’t reach because of that decision. To be expected given that EA is a for profit company. But yeah they need to make TS4 feel more completed and I think having simmers have a bigger input on GP and EP would be good. I’m rather attached to several of my sim families so it would take me a while to leave them behind for TS5.

  • I’m curious what style they’re going for with TS5. Will it be more alpha or MM like with TS4. I just hope the overall world lighting is brighter so I don’t need reshade.

  • Multiplayer dosent scare me, as long as there is single player as well. It sounds it could be great fun to have a roommate that is controlled by another player.

    What scares me is facebook and the sims in the same sentence. “Competition” is another one, that usually mean lack of gameplay. There is no fun eating 100 cakes, but if you make it a competition and give out a prize you will see people do it any way. Thats super boring. And should be a bad experience from the sims 4. Challenges are so big in sims 4 because gameplay is boring – sorry.

    FREEPLAY, please.

    I’d love to see a feature to make easy neighbourhoods again and then giving them themes like “medievel” “fantasy” “korean” whatever, so when you make a korean neighbourhood filled with your korean architecture and no npc shows up called Curt. That just me, but i have so many stories i did love to play out outside of america.

    Mormally i shut up, because i dont think the community should influence too much. But the sims community has made this game a digital paperdoll engine, and that horrifyies me. Less hair more gameplay. If the community want hair they can go download it. You shouldnt have to download gameplay features.

    Kisses – For now. ;)

  • Can the Sims 5 have more peronality trait options? And non ageing options no matter how many years go by? Because I wanted to create Lucario as a human character, and give him realistic personalitus and characteristics to bring to live! Ma be even make my own me and have a relationship with him too! Can u make that happen? Ma be even make him be in the military sense he’s from Pokemon movie 8 and was in the war!

  • I have every sims game that has come out. the only reason I play this game is because its not a multi game. I hate multi games and if sims 5 is multi I will be moving on.

  • Im actually disapointed, I want farming in TSm 4. I want farm animals, especially horses. Without horses my game Will always be disapointment.

  • With the Sims, EA have a monopoly and have been aggressively monetizing small ammounts of content. Andrew Wilson said that he is happy they don’t have competition in this genra and they are using this to heavely charge for dlc that normally you could create yourself in old Sims games.

    If you are a fan, just sum up the pricing of all expansions and then compare it to the value of what you are getting.

    Would it kill them to not charge for everything? Or at least not pricing it so high?

    • Can we get the custom neighbors of sims 2 (Designing your own neighborhoods) with the customization of sims 3 (choosing what color you want and item) and the social interactions you had in sims 3 with babies( rocking them to sleep but being about to move them around like sims 2) and adding more animals like pigs chickens sheep and bring back the horses!

  • Your transcript of what Wilson said is really really poor. He doesn’t say “cross-platforms” or “a cloud of a neighborhood world”. He says “across platforms” and “a cloud enabled world”.

  • I have played the Sims since the Sims 1 through to Sims 4. I am horrified at the thought there is a chance of multiplayer. For me the Sims is an escape that allows me to forget what is making me anxious or just to relax when my kids are in bed. I don’t want to be interacting with a person I don’t know. I am anxious enough as it is I don’t need anymore. I want to play as a SINGLE PLAYER. If I wanted to go online with it currently I would use the gallery but majority of the time I don’t as am uninterested. Multiplayer games are so common now that finding a game to play is hard enough as if it is not the Sims it has a story line. Multiplayer would ruin the franchise for me and make me lose a game I love all because of this. Also with it being a multiplayer game, as it clearly doesn’t need to be, means subscription instead of buying a base game and expansion packs. This would hammer the nail in the coffin for me as I can not afford a monthly subscription but a couple of times a year I save up enough money or use birthday/xmas money to buy one. If this happens I will not be playing past the Sims 4 for sure as none of what people have been saying that needs improvement is being listened to but things like multiplayer are is…my brain can’t cope with the logic EA is coming out with. Btw my opinion

  • Things I want in the Sims 4, first…detail to the baby life stage, and more furniture – changing station, baby bath etc as well as more objects for children and toddlers || Return of the private school headmaster visits, for private and boarding schools || Horses, other farmyard animals, farming and a whole lot of new build/buy stuff to support it || Fairies, Werewolves and moon phases (but no thanks to zombies, enough of that!) || Cars and teen driving lessons || Different culture-styled worlds as in French/Chinese/Egyptian in World Adventures || More depth to University, at least being able to go to graduation and sports games || Follow your child and teen Sims to School || For operatic, theatrical, cinema, sports games not to be rabbit holes || Play as the pets || More depth and detail to relationships and memories || More focus on Generations/Ancestry and a more detailed family tree (at least going as far as cousins || Ladders, spiral stair cases n for flap’s sake, bunk beds! And once you’ve finished all that, gradual ageing and the return of the Open World in a ‘Sims 5’-type title. If after all that you still wanna put in online, go for it. :p

  • If they do go with multiplayer they better have an amazing anit-bullying mechanism in place. There are people who will buy the game just for the joy of harassing and putting down every one else. Look at the comments in the gallery if you don’t believe me. Harmful comments aren’t hard to find there and it is supposed to be moderated. Like a lot of people I play sims to get away from the real world. I don’t need random strangers invading my game and life. Also anyone using multiplayer would not be able to use mods or other custom content created by other players.

  • I’m hoping for a multiplayer game , it’d be interesting to see how it would work. I’ve been playing sims since the beginning of it all and always loved the weird little quirks and things the game had. Sims 2 on the PlayStation was SO FUN! They had aliens (which I know they still do), weird foods, overall just more fun and different elements. The aliens could abduct you in sims 2, things like that made it game play way more fun and interesting. I wish EA would bring these little fun quirks back to the sims.

  • I do not want online experience. I have been praying sims for over 10 yrs and I like building and decorations more than the actual game play. When I do play, I don’t want to play with other gamers online. I play to escape people & reality. Playing online completely destroys this for me.

  • Don’t get your hopes up, we have better chances of having Sims 5 be a F2P MMO with loot box mechanics and paid season passes than getting an actual improvement from Sims 4.

  • Oooh! A TSO 5 possibility??! Yay!! I was a big fan of the original TSO and was very upset when it closed down a few years back.

  • Is the sims 5 actually going to come out because everything I’ve read about and in the titles of videos says it’s confirmed but never says it’s ACTUALLY confirmed

  • Si el próximo Sims llega tener mejor jugabilidad y online sería muchísimo mejor. Tienen que ver los viejos juegos de Sims y recolectar lo bueno que dejaron atrás. Es un juego que tiene potencial de ser algo mejor pero no lo saben aprovechar. Espero que para el próximo venga muchísimas cosas diferentes siempre e sido gran fan de la saga The Sims, pero estas últimas entregas me han desilusionado mucho. De echo me gustaría contactarme con ellos y hablarles sobre todas las ideas que tengo.

  • Think about all the kids and teens playing it. Wouldn’t this open up a whole new opportunity for pedophiles and online predators to grab hold of innocent young people? I mean if you think about it there’s a lot of sexual content in the sims and that’s not ok for anyone to pose as a boyfriend/girlfriend to anyone who is a minor when you’re some 40 yo man living in your mom’s basement. You know this WILL happen if it’s like… online/MMORPG. Anyone can lie about age and this is already a serious problem. At least there’s no threat with single mode. Online predation AND bullying is real and growing, especially with games where you chat with other players. It’ll be super interesting to see but just warning you, it will open a lot of opportunities for bad things to happen too.