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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: All About Festivals

Festival of Snow

The Festival of Snow is all about having fun in the snow.

  • Location: Yukimatsu Neighbourhood
  • When: Every other Saturday. 3 pm – 12 am

Festival Activities

Snow Time – Show off your Snowpal building prowess and spend some time playing in the snow. It’s everywhere!

Check Out Those Sculptures – These works of art are completely made of snow and a lot bigger than your average Snowpal.

Get The Festival Snow Outfit – Warm? Check. Stylish? Check. Perfect souvenir from your trip to the slopes? Check!

Warm Up With Ikayaki – Try something new and grab the delicious Ikayaki sold at the festival food stall! It’s not every day you get to say you ate grilled squid.

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