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THE SIMS 5: EA’s Director of Studios talks about the next generation Sims Game


Yesterday VentureBeat published an interesting interview with Laura Miele, EA’s Chief Studio Officer within Electronic Arts. In this interview they’ve covered a lot of different EA Franchises including The Sims.

The interviewer went on to talk about what we can expect from the next Sims Game and what opportunities could there be within the franchise when it comes to multiplayer and the next generation Sims Game. Laura confirmed in the interview that Maxis is currently hard at work on the next generation Sims game and some of the things they’re bringing into this new Sims Game.

Check out our full transcript of the interview below:

Interviewer: On another note I talked a little about The Sims – you mentioned that which is totally a great point with Maxis related games SimCity, SimFarm, even The Sims Online. It was 20 years ago, ahead of its time, with letting people build a character, build your environment. The Sims is still a vibrant franchise for EA right now. Is there sort of an opportunity to do more of there? I look at Roblox, Fortnite Creative and things like that. It seems like The Sims out of all your franchises is maybe best equipped to play in this world?

Laura Miele: Yes, a lot of fertile ground for The Sims for sure and the idea that we will build on the tools for people to play with life (thats our brand) and the idea for people to be able to play with life together. We had The Sims Online that came out in 2002 which was around 20 years ago. We certainly were ahead of our time.

I think 20 years later we learned a lot about how players interact, what motivates players, how players can come together co-operatively and so as you imagine as we think about the next generation of The Sims it’s SUPER important for us to have the best tools, the most flexibility and for players to really expand on their creativity, remix items and objects in the world. And then to do that together – I think that’s one of our biggest opportunities with The Sims is the social connection component that we need to bring to this brand and this franchise. The team is hard at work on the next generation of that experience.

Interviewer: …I imagine as The Sims becoming more of a platform for creativity – it feels like an opportunity?

Laura Miele: Absolutely. And it’s us being able to create a framework and that players are actually gonna create these experiences and in the end its doing it together, doing it collaboratively. They are sharing, they could create marketplaces.

What we arm them with and the capabilities and frameworks we arm them with and where they take that I think it’s going to be a pretty significant surprise and a pretty exciting time for us as we bring these tools and platforms to market.

It’s no secret that the next generation Sims Game, or The Sims 5 as we call it until the official announcement, is hard in development. We’ve made numerous reports about Maxis’ active plans and work behind-the-scenes that they’re researching and looking for this game.

You can check out all of the news and articles we have so far about the next Sims Game on our The Sims 5 News Category!

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