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COMMUNITY POLL: You Can Only Pick One of These Sims Games

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Over the past 21 years, The Sims franchise has seen dozens upon dozens of installments and spinoffs. From console games to online MMOs and even mobile titles, there seems to be no platform The Sims franchise hasn’t dipped its toes into at some point or another. Some of these titles were definitely better than others. Some saw long-lived success while others faded into obscurity rather quickly but we’re here today to revisit some of those titles.

It’s time for you to give your input and tell us which of these Sims titles are the best. You can only pick one in each category, so think carefully. A few of these categories might prove difficult to select just one!

Remember to click the text and not the image when casting your vote!

Pick a game from the main Sims series

Pick one of these spinoff games

Pick a MySims game

Pick one of these online Sims games

And finally, pick a mobile Sims game

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