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The Sims 4 Custom Content: Child Dream Kit

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Max20 is back with another exciting and fantastic Custom Content Kit, the Child Dream Kit!

The upcoming Custom Content Kit contains twenty-two new items that are perfect for creating your younger Sims’ dream bedrooms!

The trailer was made in collaboration between Max 20 and JPluiy. It showcases all the new items from The Sims 4 Child Dream Custom Kit as well as how they work alongside a number of the current in game options!

Item Overview

Each of the twenty-two items come in a variety of different swatches, including neutral wood swatches and colourful swatches. With plenty of combinations, you’ll be able to create the perfect dream bedroom or even playroom for your younger Sims!


I jumped into build mode to take a look at the variety of items and build several different rooms using the pack. I had a lot of fun creating different rooms, and each of the items from the Kit work perfectly in so many different ways!

Take a look at the gallery below!

ARTICLE UPDATE: This Custom Kit has just gone public! You can get it by downloading the .package file linked on the download button below. To install simply extract and/or paste the .package file to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder.


The Sims 4 Child Dream Custom Kit is out now as an Early Access pack on Patreon and will be publicly available shortly! Click here to visit Max 20’s Patreon page for more details and how to download the pack!

Check out the links below to keep up to date with Max 20’s latest creations and more!

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