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The Sims 4: Stepping Into The New Year Lookbook


Okay, maybe New Year’s Eve has come and gone but that doesn’t mean our Sims can’t still ring in the new year in their best party attire! Kick off 2022 with some of these ultra-fabulous party looks that will make sure your Sims greet the new year in style!

As usual, all our looks for this lookbook are CC-free and only use the base game and two other packs.

Happy New Year! Or, as they say in Simlish, SHASHOOBIE!

Making My Way Downtown

The Sims 4: Stepping Into The New Year Lookbook

Heading out to the club to dance the night away and ring in the new year with a glass of expensive champagne? You’ll turn heads with this stunning black dress accented with gold jewellery. Nothing says New Year’s Eve like black and gold and little black dresses so when you hit up the club, make sure all eyes are on you as the clock strikes midnight.

Hair: Side Part Afro (Base Game)

Body: Layered Mini Dress (Moschino Stuff)

Shoes: Strappy Heels (Luxury Party Stuff)

Accessories: Necklace (Luxury Party Stuff) / Earrings (Moschino Stuff) / Nails (Base Game)

Makeup: Eyeshadow & Eyeliner (Luxury Party Stuff) / Lips, Contour, & Highlight (Base Game)

It’s Called Fashion, Look It Up

The Sims 4: Stepping Into The New Year Lookbook

Is he trying too hard or is it high fashion? Who cares? It’s New Year’s Eve! Whether the stares you get in this flashy outfit are impressed or perplexed, there’s no doubt everyone will be looking at you at this year’s big bash.  And remember, it’s not what you’re wearing. It’s how you wear it. So strut into that New Year’s Eve party with confidence in all your shiny sequined glory.

Hair: Swept Back Volume (Get Famous)

Top: Shiny Sequined Suit Jacket (Get Famous – CAS Unlock)

Bottom: Shiny Sequined Suit Pants (Get Famous – CAS Unlock)

Shoes: Gold-Studded High Tops (Get Famous)

Accessories: Glasses (Seasons) / Necklace (Base Game – CAS Unlock) / Nails & Socks (Base Game)

All Grown Up

The Sims 4: Stepping Into The New Year Lookbook

Picture It: It’s your very first New Year’s Eve party. Your parents are finally letting you stay up until midnight and hang out with all the grown ups downstairs. You want to feel just as grown up as them, right? Your space cat tee and paint-splattered jeans just aren’t going to cut it for a milestone as important as this. Those grown ups won’t take you seriously at the party unless you look the part, so impress your parents and all their friends in this sophisticated black and white party attire.

Hair: Layered Comb Over (Vintage Glamour Stuff)

Top: Layered Suit Jacket over Vest and Tee (Vintage Glamour Stuff)

Bottom: Straight-Leg Slacks (Get To Work)

Shoes: White Sneakers (Get To Work)

Accessories: Glasses & Nails (Base Game)

Midnight Nap

The Sims 4: Stepping Into The New Year Lookbook

This poor lil munchkin wanted to stay up until midnight like her big siblings but her parents knew she’d never be able to make it to midnight without falling asleep so they put her in her comfy new PJs she just got for Winterfest and let her run around the party until she tired herself out. Sure enough, she rung in the new year napping on the couch. Oh well, maybe next year, little one!

Hair: Top Bun with Fringe (Snowy Escape)

Body: Winter Patterned Onesie (My First Pet Stuff)

Shoes: Slippers (Base Game)

Accessories: Nails & Socks (Base Game)


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