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Creator Spotlight: That 70s Sim


We’re back with another Creator Spotlight, and this time it is a creator who has caught my attention recently over on Twitter. That creator happens to be That 70s Sim. In particular, I found my attention drawn towards their 70s inspired save file that they have recently started working on. Personally, I’ve been loving exploring retro themes in my own game lately, and I think that’s what drew me more to find out a little more about That 70s Sim!

The save is based in the Base Game world of Oasis Springs and will feature a variety of 70s inspired builds for all of your favourite Townies! Even though it is still early on, That 70s Sim has been sharing plenty of updates on Twitter with how the save is progressing, including that the first neighbourhood has  been completed.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the 70s style home that was created for the Caliente Household!


The Custom Content free home is available to download from The Gallery here.

Of course, that is not all! That 70s Sim also has an assortment of builds already uploaded to The Gallery, including English Terrace Houses, Oakenstead, Willow Creek Starter and Bronty’s Diner. Each build is full of detail, charm and I can’t wait to add some of these builds into my own game!

Creator Spotlight: That 70s Sim

Australian Queenslander by That70sSim

We can’t wait to see more creations from That 70s Sim in the future, as well as following the progress of their 70s inspired save file!

Don’t forget, you can follow That 70s Sim on The Gallery and Twitter by using the links below!

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