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This Mod Will Enhance Your Neighbourhood Stories in The Sims 4!

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Find out what’s happening in your Neighborhood through meaningful interactions!

Many Simmers were very pleased with yesterday’s addition to Neighbourhood Stories. It’s a much-improved version of story progression from The Sims 3 that allows us to really customise what can and can’t happen to our households from a global scale right down to individual households. This is much more versatile than an all-or-nothing global on and off toggle in the game settings (although this is an option, too).

Still, modders are always finding ways to take new features of the game and elevate them to new heights. It didn’t take long for modders to tweak the new Neighbourhood Stories updates and make it a little more integrated into gameplay. MissyHissy has released a mod called Gossip About Neighbourhood Stories which will allow your Sims to find out about what’s going on in the world through socialising with other Sims.

This Mod Will Enhance Your Neighbourhood Stories in The Sims 4!
Without this mod, you can click on the mailbox to find out what’s been happening in other households which is nice but MissyHissy thought this feature should be more gameplay-oriented (and we agree). You can still click the mailbox to find out about the neighbourhood changes but you can also get these updates though socialising and checking social media now.

Whenever your Sims use one of the following socials in conversation, you’ll get a Neighbourhood Story popup informing you of something that’s happened in the neighbourhood recently.

  • Gossip
  • Gossip About Neighbours
  • Discuss Neighbourhood Changes

Sims can also check their social media timeline on their phone to receive updates on Neighbourhood Stories.

This Mod Will Enhance Your Neighbourhood Stories in The Sims 4!
This is a small change in the game but one that adds a lot of depth and meaning to the everyday conversations that Sims can have with each other. It also gives them more of an incentive to check their social media even if they don’t have a career that relies upon it. The mod is base game compatible but does require the latest Neighbourhood Stories patch. The best part? It’s free for the public to download right now!

You can grab this handy mod from MissyHissy’s Patreon right now. Just click the download button below to go to her Patreon and download the mod! If you’re new to installing mods and CC and need extra instructions, see our article, Getting Started with Mods and CC!


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