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How to Obtain and Use Death Flowers in The Sims 4

Win your chances with the Grim Reaper with this powerful Flower!

Did you know there’s a very rare, special flower in The Sims 4 that is not only valuable but has the power to save your Sims from death? It’s true! The Death Flower will not only make your Sims rich but immortal, too!

Here’s how to get one and use it to your advantage!

  1. Graft a Lily with a Snapdragon to produce an Orchid
  2. Graft an Apple with a Cherry to produce a Pomegranate
  3. Graft your Orchid with your Pomegranate to get the ultra rare Death Flower!
  4. Harvest and replant as many times as desired

Death Flowers may also be found while fishing or in rare seed packets.

Each Death Flower plant will produce one Death Flower a day and each Death Flower is worth $240 at the Normal evolution stage. A perfect Death Flower can be sold for $667 each but there is a little trick you can use to force your Death Flower plant to produce up to 10 flowers per harvest.

When your plant is ready for harvest, pick it up and move it in Build/Buy. When you place it down, the plant will have up to 9 more flowers! Selling 10 Perfect Death Flowers at once will net you $5,464 a day from one plant! We triggered this by accident the first time but we were able to replicate it on a different save so we’re pretty sure this wasn’t a one-time fluke for us.

Dish enlarged to show detail

Profit isn’t its only use! If you have a Death Flower in your inventory while another Sim is dying, you can save their life by offering it to the Grim Reaper! Death Flowers can also be used in the Gourmet Cooking recipe, Ambrosia. When consumed, this dish will resurrect a ghost Sim.

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