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The Sims 4 Fashion Authority Mod lets you design Various Uniforms


The Mod lets you assign uniforms to Students, Teachers and more for different Careers!

Hate the job and career outfits? Want your students or faculty to follow a dress code? Lot51’s Fashion Authority gives Simmers the ability to assign specific clothes to a Situation Job, Career, or a Generic uniform.

Mod Overview!

Click on a Sim in the world or in Copperdale High School to find the Fashion Authority menu. There are five options in the menu: Settings, Manage [Sim’s] Threads, Manage All Threads, Create Thread, and Change Into Threads. Currently, the only Setting is “Disable Outfit Changes” which stops Sims from auto-changing into uniforms.

Creating a Thread

When creating a thread, you have many options to choose from! You first choose between an Adult and a Child frame, then Masculine and Feminine clothing preferences. (Teens count as Adult Frames) Then, you select the group of Sims that will be wearing the outfit! You have the choice between Generic or you can choose either Situation Job and Career. Generic is a uniform your Sim wears manually and the other two are automatic. This will give Simmers the ability to customize so many outfits, especially ones that end up with CC mixed in with the outfit!

What’s the difference between a Situation Job and a Career?

A Situation Job is a specific “job” that an NPC Sim does in the world. This can be any Sim from the vendor or a teacher to a Sim browsing for clothes or the Welcome Wagon, Firefighter, or RepoPerson. NPC Sims that are randomly pulled for a specific purpose are “working” Situation Jobs. The game labels these Sims with Red Letters above their heads when you hover over them. A Situation Job uniform takes precedence over a career uniform if they happen at the same time.

A Career refers to the careers that your Sim can join when they choose “Find a Job” on the phone. This could be anything from the active careers from Get to Work and the part-jobs, or it could refer to the full-time jobs such as a writer or secret agent.

After choosing the group of sims that will be wearing the uniform, you have many options including changing into the outfit, modifying the outfit, clone thread, outfit merging rules, seasonal and region restrictions, rename and delete thread. We found that renaming each thread is important if there are more than one. Restricting outfits to/from specific weather or specific regions gives the Simmer the ability to further design their own world. That will be really helpful if you want certain Situation Jobs to dress differently between Sulani and Mt. Komorebi! Seasonal Restrictions requires Seasons and/or Snowy Escape.

Important Things to Know

Saving Threads

“Threads are saved and are available through an entire save file. They will automatically save when you save your game into a folder named lot51_fashion_authority_data. Be sure to keep this folder between updates.”

High School Uniforms

“If you are creating High School Student uniforms, I recommend creating a Career restricted Thread as most students have their own Situation Job and would require almost 8 unique Threads for each Body Frame.

  • Because Situation Job Threads take precedence over Career Threads, you can assign a uniform to Cheerleading/Chess Team/Computer Team Situation Jobs to have their own unique look during the school day.

If you are creating High School Principal/Teacher/Custodian uniforms, I recommend creating Situation Job restricted Threads, as they do not have a related career for those Sims.”

Fashion Authority is a mod that will help Simmers further design and create their own worlds. With the simple design, most people will be able to use Fashion Authority with only a few instructions. Fashion Authority is available for FREE on Lot51’s website!

Note From Lot51: “This mod has limited functionality for launch and will evolve over time. Join the discord to help shape development!”

We can’t wait to see all the uniforms that people design for their sims!

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