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Everything included in The Sims 4 First Fits Kit


Beige, tan, brown and exciting grey! What more could a kid want for their wardrobe?

The Sims 4 First Fits Kit is a CAS kit aimed exclusively at children. It comes with a total of 24 clothing pieces and accessories for child-aged Sims. The kit contains feminine and unisex items but no masculine-specific items. It does not contain any content for toddlers or teens-elders.

Below, we’ve showcased every item in the pack in the first three swatches; however all items in the pack come in 8-12 or so muted swatches.

Tops (12)

Bottoms (4)

Full Body Outfits (1)

Hats (1)

Accessories (3)

Shoes (2)

Everything included in The Sims 4 First Fits Kit

Our Thoughts

As a family player, I am incredibly disappointed in this kit. The clothes look… fine but they look like adult clothes slapped onto kids. I would have expected a child CAS kit to be bursting with bright colours and patterns but almost every swatch is beige, grey, or some very pale, muted earth tone. None of this is anything I would have wanted to wear as a child, nor do I know any children who would look twice at anything presented in this catalogue. This kit looks like a collection of things parents would force their kids to wear to impress their adult friends. The tastes and interests of the child are not a priority at all.

By comparison, the Kids Room Stuff pack had a vastly superior CAS catalogue. It was fun, bright, colourful, and featured common child and preteen hobbies and interests. Plus it comes with a super cool bedroom set and immersive gameplay for kids. You got a new collection of Voidcritter cards (think Pokémon but in The Sims), a detailed battle and training system for them, and an adorable puppet theatre that builds Social skill. If this is what the future of kits looks like for The Sims 4, we’d rather just have stuff packs back.

Our advice? Just get Kids Room Stuff and give this kit a hard pass.

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