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Download tens of new Hobby Traits for The Sims 4


Numerous new Hobby Traits to choose from!

Are you looking for more hobby based traits for your Sims? Then look no further, as we have just the thing for you!

KiaraSims4Mods is known to create a variety of additional custom Traits, Aspirations, Careers and more for The Sims 4.

The Hobby Traits by Kiara are another way to make your Sims even more unique and with over fifty different traits to choose from, there is definitely something for every Sim! With all the Hobby Traits recently updated too, now is the perfect time to take a look and pick out some new traits to try out!

Each trait will give your Sims a selection of new Buffs, Whims and Social Interactions relating to your chosen hobby trait.

Here are a few examples of what you can expect!


Sims who have the Author trait like to write books and hope to become best-sellers one day.

Download tens of new Hobby Traits for The Sims 4
Social Interactions
  • Chat about new books
  • Discuss Best Seller Books
  • Discuss Famous Authors
  • Weigh Writing Ideas
  • Write Books
  • Practice Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Write Articles
  • Write Excuse Note
  • Write Love Email
  • Write Doll House Story
  • Write Column
  • Write Letter
  • Write in Journal
  • Blog about Feelings

Pizza Lover

These Sims love Pizza and can’t get enough of it.

Download tens of new Hobby Traits for The Sims 4
Social Interactions
  • Talk about Love of Pizza
  • Take Pizza from Pizza Deliverer


This is a trait for Grandparents who love helping raise their grandchildren.

Download tens of new Hobby Traits for The Sims 4
Social Interactions
  • Brag about Grandchildren
  • Talk about Grandchildren
  • Ask about Grandkids (to your children only)
  • Give advice for the future (to your grandchildren only)
  • Guess What? I would not mind a Grandbaby” (to your children only)
  • Help with Homework
  • Purchase Toys
  • Bottle Feed Baby
  • Bounce Baby
  • Change Baby Diaper
  • Coo at Baby
  • Cuddle Baby
  • Make Face with Baby
  • Find out what is wrong with Baby
  • Rock Baby
  • Shoosh Baby
  • Talk to Baby
  • Play Dolls
  • Play Flashcards with Toddler
  • Bathe Toddler
  • Check on Toddler
  • Tuck in Toddler/Children
  • Gain Parenting Skill
  • Talk to Baby
  • Cuddle Baby
  • Bounce Baby
  • Coo at Baby
  • Make Silly Faces at Baby
  • Check on Toddler
  • Play Dolls with Toddler
  • Read a Toddle to Sleep
  • Read a Book to Toddler
  • Potty Train Toddler
  • Watch TV with a Toddler
  • Help Child with Homework
  • Encourage To… (Parenting Skill)
  • Influence To… (Parenting Skill)

The Grandparents Trait also allows Sims to learn the Parenting Skill two times faster compared to normal.

While many of the new Traits are Base Game Compatible, some may require additional packs to work. If you do require additional packs, this will be stated in the trait details.

Download tens of new Hobby Traits for The Sims 4

Here is a full list of all the Hobby Traits that you can add to your game!

Activist, Angler, Artist, Author, Baby Daddy, Bar Drinker, Beach Lover, BBQ Lover, Beauty Lover, Boxer, Candy Lover, Chess Lover, Coffee Lover, Computer Whiz, Dancer, Debater, Fireplace Lover, Funny, Gadget Geek, Gamer, Geology Lover, Grandparent, Green Thumb, Hacker, Handy, Hoops Lover, Hot Tub Lover, Jokester, Karaoke Lover, Knitting Lover, Loves Bathing, Loves Bowling, Loves Darts, Loves to Swim, Lyricist, Makeup Lover, Master Baker, Mischievous, Mountaineer, Movie Lover, Party Planner, Photographer’s Eye, Pizza Lover, Programmer, Researcher, Seducer, Ski Lover, Snowboarder, Soccer Lover, Spa Lover, Space Lover, Stargazer, Sweet Tooth, Tea Lover, Techie, Woodworker and Yoga Lover.

With such a variety of different Hobby Traits you can add to your game, there is definitely something for every Sim!

You can find all the Hobby Traits mentioned in this article and much more on Kiara’s website!

What hobbies will your Sims be trying out first? Let us know in the comments below.

Download tens of new Hobby Traits for The Sims 4

Click the button below to download your desired Hobby Traits from KiaraSims4Mods!

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