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Don’t Fret! How to Recover a Sims 4 Save


To Recover a Sims 4 save is easy! Undo a tragic accident all by using the in-game tools!

Did Dad get abducted by aliens or did you save without your cc installed and you need to retrieve a Sims 4 save? There are many reasons why someone would need to retrieve a save file. The quite easy to learn process to recover a Sims 4 save can be done straight from the main menu!

Want to know how to retrieve a save file? Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll be able to recover your last five saves!

Step 1: Open Load Game

Load up The Sims 4. On the right hand side, choose the Load Game option. This is the third option down right under the Play Scenario button.

Don’t Fret! How to Recover a Sims 4 Save

Then, the Load Game pop-up box lists all of your saves in the order of the last save date and time.

Don’t Fret! How to Recover a Sims 4 Save

Step 2: Recover Save From Main Menu

This will bring up a list of Sims 4 save files. Then, choose the save you want to recover and click on it. When selected, two buttons will appear. There is a button that has the file name and another that is a floppy disk. This floppy disk button is located on the right hand side of the rectangle and allows you to recover your saves. Click on the floppy disk button.

Recover Sims 4 Save

Step 3: Choose which Sims 4 Save to Recover

After choosing the floppy disk, another box will appear listing the last five Sims 4 save files for this file. Choose the save you want based on the date/time and order of the saves. Then, click on Recover. (If you want, the option to delete a backup is available.)

Recover Sims 4 Save

Step 4: Recover Save

Then, click on the checkmark in the pop-up to confirm that you want to recover the save. Meanwhile, nothing will happen to your original copy. This checkmark is acknowledging that you want to create a new recovered save from the original save data.

Recover Sims 4 Save

Step 5: Load Recovered Sims 4 Save

In summary, the recovered save will now be the first listed save within your load game pop-up. As a result, the original save will be labelled with [recovered]. Then, make sure to rename the save to something distinguishable from the original copy of the save!

Hopefully now you will know how to recover a save file next time something unexpected happens in your game!

Don’t Fret! How to Recover a Sims 4 Save

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