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The Sims 4 Get to Work: Prevent Alien Abductions

Are Aliens bugging you?

Like, do they try to abduct and impregnate your Sim every night? Don’t worry, there’s an easy way to solve this…

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There are two ways to solve this issue and both include a Satellite Dish which can be created by a scientist. The first way is to create it without cheating.

Your Scientist Sim will need to live his/her 7th Eureka in order to create the Satellite Dish. Your Sim will also need 3 any Common Metals and 3 any Common Crystals.

After you took care of that, click on the Invention Constructor and select Invent Device > Satellite Dish.

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You can drag the built Satellite Dish into your Inventory and then place it on your Household Lot. Click on it and select Prevent Abductions to be safe from any random Alien Abductions in the next 24 hours. After those 24h have passed, you’ll have to use the Prevent Abductions on the Satellite Dish again in order to make your Lot Abduction-free!

TS4 2015-04-06 04-15-01-53 04-06-15_4-15 AM

There’s another way of getting the Satellite Dish, and that’s by activating the Buy Debug Cheat.

In Build Mode, type in the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat and search for the Satellite Dish in the Search Area.

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  • Oh my goodness thank you. My Sim is on his third otherworldly pregnancy, and, while babies are nice, it really screws up his job performance!!

  • The cheapest solution: build a wall around the sim, when she/he want to investigate the strange thing, or delete door of house. The interaction will disappear and everyone will be happy :D

  • I never get abducted when playing sims 4 untill.. im start testing the bloody top line scientice carrier item,,, its a computer that u can contact aliens.. so the hell began.. i have to remember every day to turn on satelite dish.. once i forgot.. 5 sec after 24 hour of protection one of my family will be abducted.. this is a craziest bug EA have mistakenly invented.. i hope satelite dish can b use to permanent protection agains aliens.. n stop viewing work/study on aura enable item.. they will trigger this buggy alien abduction craze event!!!

  • I had my sim use the satellite dish to prevent abductions, she got abducted literally just as soon as the notification that abductions won’t be happening disappeared. Going to visit sixam and freeze the buggers soon.

  • Thanks so much! I really don’t like aliens in the game at all, and I have a lot of them because I went to the bar on alien night, which is just annoying, but the abductions are too much.