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The Sims 4 Winter Builds to Kick Off the Season!


Autumn is out, winter is in! Celebrate the new season with these ten winter builds!

Autumn is coming to an end soon and and winter will be upon us before we know it! Whether you love or hate the snow and cold, there’s no denying that Simmers build some of the most amazing seasonal homes and venues for everyone to enjoy! Today, we’re kicking off the upcoming winter season with 10 winter builds in The Sims 4!

The Sims 4 Winter Builds

Winter Park Build

Sims 4 Winter Builds: Winter Park

Creator: Quietgirlgames

This adorable lot truly looks like a Hallmark holiday movie set in the city. I myself have walked through city parks in the winter that look just as magical as this dreamy setup. This is the perfect locale to have that first kiss with the Sim of your dreams. This Sims 4 winter build is completely magical.

Cafe and Tree Farm

2022 10 31 14 58 18 891 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: strawberries017 (shell by Vixella)

This picturesque tree farm is so charming and quaint. Even if your Sims aren’t shopping for a Winterfest tree, it’s worth a visit to try some of the tasty beverages and pastries the café inside offers! We love all those extra special touches, like the sign out front and the cars parked outside. We can’t wait to visit this winter build in The Sims 4!

Winterfest Tree Farm

Sims 4 Winter Builds: Winterfest Tree Farm

Creator: CatSaar

This humble Sims 4 winter build proves that less is more when it comes to creating nostalgia and warm, fuzzy feelings. This little tree lot looks just like the small town tree lots my parents used to take me to when I was a kid to pick out our tree for the holidays. Thank you for this wonderful trip down memory lane, CatSaar!

Winter Wonder Weddings

2022 10 31 15 01 34 441 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: luckyheather

Any Sim would be lucky to get married in this gleaming winter wedding venue! Every inch of the place is dripping in opulence. Sims wanting a winter wedding in a place that looks fit for royalty are sure to have the wedding of their dreams here. What a spectacular winter build for The Sims 4!

Winter Barn Wedding

Sims 4 Winter Builds: Winter Barn Wedding

Creator: LinnBeatrice

Maybe your tastes for a winter wedding are more down-to-earth and rugged. In that case, allow us to present this equally gorgeous barn wedding venue all decorated for the winter season! Any country Sim is sure to have the most magical winter wedding here. I’m already planning my Sims’ next wedding in this amazing winter build!

Winter Village Build

2022 10 31 15 06 07 199 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: avizzzz

Our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw this absolutely incredible Sims 4 winter build! This talented creator has built an entire winter village on a 64×64 lot and the detail is marvelous. Street signs, town mail boxes, winter decorations, a gorgeous town square, and even a train station complete with luggage waiting to be collected on the platform brings this postcard perfect winter scene to life!

Winter Chalet Build

Sims 4 Winter Builds: Winter Chalet

Creator: Jazmilia

Wanting to get away this winter but don’t want to sacrifice luxury and comfort? This spectacular winter build for The Sims 4 is the perfect vacation rental for you. This gorgeous chalet sits on top of a snowy hillside with a small lake below and stunning wraparound decks to take in the views. We love the winding steps leading up to the front door.

Cosy Winter Castle

2022 10 31 15 29 43 036 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: AriaFaeYT

For those wanting a more whimsical winter experience, check out this gorgeous winter castle! The architecture is just stunning and the creeping vines up the stone towers give the place a wonderful aged feel. Our favourite part of this Sims 4 winter build is the bridge entryway.

Winter Resort Build

Sims 4 Winter Builds: Winter Resort

Creator: SarahAmina

Got a big family but don’t want to spend your entire winter vacation crammed into one rental? Why not rent out a whole resort like this one? This beautiful snowy hillside dotted with small, cute cabins will allow you big Sims family to spend the holidays together and still enjoy their privacy. The skating rink in this Sims 4 winter build is a fun added touch to the lot.

Winter Cabin

2022 10 31 15 46 23 061 SunflowerSyrupGShade

Creator: evarotky

And last but definitely NOT least is this beautiful winter cabin built by one of my personal favourite Sims 4 builders! All of Eva’s builds are captivating but this one really stands out as a gorgeous blend of modern and traditional in a winter setting. My favourite features of this winter build are the round deck and the support beams on the A-frame roof.

Looking for more seasonal builds? If you’re not ready to let go of autumn yet, check out these builds inspired by Halloween movies!

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