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The Sims 4 Growing Together: Gameplay Objects

sims4 growing together objects

Go in-depth with new Gameplay Objects coming with Growing Together!

There’s so many gameplay objects that have been revealed during the Growing Together livestream. From large items like Treehouses and Movie Theater to Changing Tables and Marriage Certificates. There’s a lot of gameplay items to unpack!

Without further ado, let’s see the preview of interactive new items:

Growing Together Gameplay Items

Suitcase with useful interactions!

The brand new Suitcases are more than just for looks! This objects from Sims 4 Growing Together allows players to change outfits and use it as a regular dresser.

The Suitcase will be an elemental part of the new Temporary Stay Over Events. However, you’ll also be able to find the object in Build Mode!

Suitcase Interactions
Preview of Suitcase interactions

You can also drag the Suitcase anywhere while in Live Mode.

Milestone Unlocked Objects

Big milestone moments in your life which are tracked through Simology panel might also bring new milestone objects!

It was revealed in the livestream that

Having a new child, going to school for your first day will give you some decorative items! This includes Marriage Certificates, Baby Prints, School Drawings and more.

Sims can have interactions to reminisce on them depending on how they felt on that event and their age.


Sit down, there’s a lot to uncover about Treehouses!

Join Building Treehouse
Building a Treehouse

Sims can build a Treehouse together with their friends and family! When it’s purchased it’s fully unbuilt. When a Sim starts to build they have to be a Teen or older. Children can also join to help out the process.

Treehouse Interactions
Treehouse Interactions

Once it’s fully built, it becomes fully functional. Sims can go up and down via the ladder. They can play on the balcony and sit on the bench, as well as interact with the enclosure.

Treehouse Decoration States

You can decorate the treehouse with four different decorations, including:

  • Fairy Tale Castle Decorations
  • Island Getaway
  • Pirate Hideout
  • Space Explorer

These states will match with the Play Pretend styles your young Sims can do!

There are options in Build Mode that allow you to search for objects that can be placed in a Treehouse! Search for Placeable on Treehouse in the Build Mode search bar for a list of specific objects.

Yup, the telescope is one of those objects!

Sims 4 Telescope on Treehouse
Telescope on Treehouse placement

Treehouse WooHoo

Yes, Sims can have WooHoo on the Treehouse! More information on that after the Pack release!

Kids Bikes

@GrimSuruDoi revealed some new information about Kids Bikes during the stream:

Kids need to learn the bike first! Once they’ve done that, they can use it as a vechile for travelling. Just like Sims adults can!

Sims 4 - Bike for Kids
Bike for Kids – Interactions Preview

Growing Together features six new Kids bikes with different variants. Each bike has slightly different accessories, with variants differing in:

  • Horn
  • Light
  • Noise Maker

and more! These can give you specific advantages and features for Kids. Just make sure they learn how to ride it first.

bike rike
Child Sim learning to ride a bike

Child Sims who are trying to learn how to ride a bike might slip sometimes and lose their tooth. Better watch out!

Keepsake Box

The new Keepsake box is a box where you can pass on certain items from the family onto generations. Essentially, it serves a purpose of being an inventory for family memories.

Sims 4 Keepsake Box
Keepsake Box interactions

If you are an elder close enough with somebody else in your family, you can pass the box to that Sim!

The box has sentimental values that you can choose through the Ponder interaction, featuring:

box pondering
Ponder the Meaning of Family

Friendship Bracelets!

The developers confirmed that if you have Nifty Knitting and / or cottage living, you can also stitch them!

But if you don’t – they can be made regularly through the Kids’ activity table.

Sims 4 Friendship Bracelets - Growing Together Items
Friendship Bracelet Variants

Friendship bracelets can be exchanged with other Sims within your lot that meet the criteria!

Changing Tables

This Expansion Pack brings Changing Tables to the mix. Here, you can easily change Toddler and Infant diapers.

changing table accident

The trash can that you see up on top was added in as a seperate object. If you don’t have a trash can nearby then diapers will accumulate around the tables.

Public Changing Tables?

@TheHenfordHen spotted that the ability to change diapers in a public venue. However, more info is definitely needed!

Public Changing Tables?

Events Cannon

This draggable cannon is made specifically for the events in The Sims 4 Growing Together!

events cannon

Photo Collage Frames

An interesting reward from the new Family Reunion Event will allow you to unlock different photo frames! There are large and small photo frames that you can use and stack on top of each other.

All it takes for you is to drag wall photos onto the new frame to a position you want!

Photo Frames - Sims 4 Growing Together Objects
New Family Portrait Frames!

The Movie Theater

Featuring new Simlish Movie titles!

Movie Theater
Movie Theater Rabbit Hole in San Sequoia

Water Gameplay Objects!

All of the objects shown below are available in the Build Mode catalogue. You can design your own water park area, considering there’s more splash pads and variants!

Splash Pad Objects - Growing Together Items
Splash Pad Objects!

The developers confirmed Cats & Dogs will also have interactions with the Splash Pads.

New Game Tables

There are two new games available at the Game Tables: Simbles and Puzzles!

You’ll be able to set the new game table activities by simply interacting with it.

Simbles and Puzzles
Simbles and Puzzles!

Puzzles Gameplay

There are several premade puzzles your Sims can complete alone (or together). Or, you can take a photo from reference and have that photo be a puzzle for your Sims to complete!

Sims can be mischevious throughout completing a puzzle and Steal a Piece. After completing the puzzle, you can clean it up or frame it.

Infant Back Carriers, Sleeping Bags and more!

There’s more objects waiting to be revealed. As stated by SimGuruNinja and SimGuruMorgan, some objects from the pack haven’t been shown in the livestream. Such as the Back Carriers, Sleeping Bags for Stay Overs and more!

Sims 4 Back Carriers
Back carriers! / Screen by SimGuruNinja

That’s all we have for now!

What are your thoughts on the new gameplay objects coming with The Sims 4 Growing Together?

Note that the list doesn’t reflect the full list of gameplay objects, only what was shown during stream and by developers.

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