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Modder improves Science Babies in The Sims 4

ts4 science babies mod

Make the delivery of Science Babies realistic with this Mod!

It didn’t take much for modders to start improving the new features from The Sims 4’s latest update!

A couple of days ago we covered the news of Science Babies coming in the latest Patch. The new feature allows players to mimic Surrogacy in the style of The Sims. Letting players choose to have a Science Baby alone, or with a Sim that they have a relationship with. Note that it doesn’t have to be a romantic one!

Either way, players reported that the Science Baby feature could do some tweaking. Specifically in the area where Sims immediately go to have a new Baby, rather than endure the pregnancy. Well, not anymore!

The Sims 4 Science Baby Mod – New Pregnancy Option

Modder @Lumpinou has released an excellent new Mod for The Sims 4, giving you an additional option for having a Science Baby.

When having the Science Baby Tweak Mod installed, you’re given an additional option when going to the Hospital Rabbit Hole. Rather than just having an Instant Baby which would have your Sim return with a Newborn immediately, the latter added option makes things more natural.

Sims 4 Science Baby Mod
Choose between having an Instant Baby or enduring a Pregnancy!

Going down the Pregnancy route you’ll have your Sim return with a successful Science Baby operation. Having your Sim start off their Science Baby adventure in the 1st Trimester!

Sims 4 Science Babies - Mod Screen
The countdown is on!

This Mod from Lumpinou’s Mods is a perfect addition for players who are seeking family realism. The mod also doesn’t have any compatibility issues, considering it was created with the latest Sims 4 version.

Install The Mod!

Lastly, you can install the Mod for improving Science Babies very easily. Simply download the .package file that we’ve linked down below and paste it into the Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. Make sure you have Mods and CC enabled in your game options!

What are your thoughts on this Mod? Join the conversation below!

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