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The Sims 4: Message in a Bottle Collection Guide

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All you need to know about the new Collection coming with The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories. Spoiler alert: there are spoilers (obviously)

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories comes with one new collection that can only be acquired in the new world of Tartosa; Messages in a Bottle. Sims can find messages in bottles by digging up small mounds of sand that appear along the beaches in Tartosa. There are a total of 20 messages in bottles to collect and they vary in colour, shape, and size. Each bottle contains a unique message inside. Lore fanatics will enjoy reading all the messages; many of the messages reveal new info about some existing Sims in the game and make references to many classic Sims from past games as well.

The Sims 4: Message in a Bottle Collection Guide
All bottles have an Uncommon rarity and are worth $0 so there’s no point in collecting them to sell; they are best used as decoration for your home or personal museum collection.

Here are all the bottles below, along with their messages. The messages might be considered spoilers to some players so proceed with caution!

A Pirate's Joke"I be sending off a short riddle, matey. Solve it if ye can! Why are pirates pirates?"

Written on the other side in large letters is the answer:
"They just Arrrrr!"
The Clumsy Pirate"Stubbed my foot yesterday on an anchor, so I'm spending the day beachside. I thought it might be interesting to write my first message in a bottle. Today's thoughts: Sims are always asking me what happened to my ship, Peggy Leg. Well, she sank. Technically... I sank her, but I prefer to avoid technicalities of such a nature. It was an incident involving some kelp, a Mersim, and a dolphin. Anyways, I hope if anyone finds this letter they're in healthier condition than me. Stay safe out there. It's a dangerous world. - Captain Rodrigo De Pablo."

The corner of the letter is stained in ink, as if an inkwell was clumsily tipped and spilled over the paper.
A Bright Hello"Hello! My name is Jace! Tomi told me that she threw a message in a bottle into the sea a few days ago, so I decided to try it, too! I am 6 years old, and my favourite colour is blue. I like listening to cool kids music and talking with my friends, especially Tomi. In my free time, I've been trying to find buried treasure like a pirate. My favourite place to play is on the pirate playground. Do you have a favourite colour? I hope you have a nice day! - Jace"
The Little Genius"Hi! My name is Elsa Bjergsen, and I'm five and a half years old. I read that a message in a bottle once traveled for seventeen months over 14.500 kilometres from where it was cast into the sea. Isn't that neat? I hope mine goes even farther, and also that whoever finds it is having a very nice day. Please write me back. I live on the Crumbling Isle in Windenburg. P.S. My sister says this won't work, but I bet her five simoleons it would!"
Unrequited Love"I'm neither a pirate, nor the adventure she craves, but rather a dear friend. And so I'll send her off with everything but my unrequited love. A secret I share with the sea and no other, for they are alike. While I resemble the tides as they test the boundaries of these shores, returning each night in brilliance. She is as relentlessly free as the sea, untamed and trackless, a force to behold. I would not tame her even if I could."

The letter is signed with an elegant flourish, "Lady Matilda Tartosa"
A Bold Reminder"I'm not leaving due to sorrow. Rather, John's sudden death has reminded me how precious life is. A life of adventure would be most fulfilling, and I intend to make the most of every day. Perhaps I will return to the arctic waters and see the lights in the sky once again."
An Inspiring Role-Model"I spent the morning watching Dominique paint the harbour. When I grow up, I'd like to be just like her. She's so creative and interesting, and it's so sweet how in love she looks when Camille talks to her. I want a life like that. She told me she liked one of my paintings once, so maybe I'm on my way! - Tomi"
A Threat from Beyond"If you don't leave this bottle where you found it, the next time you're in a room alone, the door will disappear!"
Till Death..."I'm sorry Temperance, but your calcium-rich sister has stolen my heart. Maybe in another life things could have worked out between us. - G."
A Lover's Grudge"It's taken me a long time to get over Hector, and maybe I haven't truly forgiven him. Our relationship was doomed from the start. But I do really care for Hilary, and I'm glad she seems so happy. I'll always think she deserves better than him, though. - Lu"
A Wish of Adventure"When I was young, I lived in the shadow of a legend, but I decided to tell my own story. I've explored the world--from historic Al Simhara to tiny Oasis Springs. I sailed over a waterfall, kissed a llama, climbed Mt. Komorebi, been madly in love, and raised my greatest pride.... my son. My life is full of memories, and in its twilight, I send a wish into the ocean: Do not fear the shadows surrounding you, but rather step out and shine brightly."
A Cursed Message"Ye be readin' the letter I wrote, arrrr ye? Well, now you're cursed! Ha. Me and me trusty parrot will be free! - Captain Y. Eet"
A Pledge of Love"Hand in hand, we, Camille and Dominique, have pledged ourselves to each other. We send this message off on the day of our wedding. Two souls united in friendship and in love."
A Scandalous Invitation"Was it my desire for pirate gold or for the sweet, silly faces of the llamas? Surely no Sim would fault me for the latter. I've hid my dealings well, so perhaps history will never know how influential I was in Tartosa's privateer trade--that I invited them here. It wouldn't be proper of a lady, but then again... I've always been a bit of a rebel. Either way, my land thrives."

The letter is signed with an elegant flourish, "Matilda"
Moonlit Musings"I often gaze up at the moon and wonder if there is more to life. I just want to change myself, for better or worse."
A Grim Promise"I meet everyone eventually. Even you. - Grim"
A Love Poem"The endless waves crash to and fro,
who this reaches, I may never know.
Do your eyes sparkle as you read this?
The thought of my rose smiling makes me feverish.
I hope you feel the same as I,
that our hopeful love may never die.
And if you should ever find your way here,
you have a heart, a home, and endless cheer."

The message is signed with "FJ" encased in a small heart.
A Thousand Leaves"I took the train to visit the sea today. My husband doesn't know. Ever since we moved to Senbamachi, I can tell something is... off. The leaves are beautiful and it's much quieter. I think the fresh air is good for the children, but is it good for my husband and me? - J"
Sunlit Wishes"We send this wish adrift while on honeymoon at Sunlit Tides. May our marriage be as blissful as life is now." Encapsulated in a heart at the bottom are the names Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant.
An 'Imminent' Warning"You're Next!" The message is followed by an oddly off-kilter smiley face and a date from about seventy years prior.

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