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The Sims 4: Remove Apartment Issues that are Plain Odd

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Take control of apartment lots with these tips and tricks!

Sims 4 Remove Apartment Issues

If you’re looking for some Sims 4 remove apartment issues tips and tricks, you’ve come to the right place! The City Living expansion brought the exciting feature of apartments to The Sims 4 but placed so many unnecessary restrictions on them. We’ll show you some different ways to get around certain annoying features, like fixed lot traits, not being able to customize doors and windows, and issues with pets.

Sims 4 Remove Apartment Issues

Apartments in City Living leave a lot to be desired and they only seemed to get glitchier with more packs, especially Cats & Dogs. Here are some solutions to many common problems with apartments. These Sims 4 remove apartment issues tips will have you enjoying apartments again in no time!

Change Fixed Lot Traits

Unfortunately, if you’re a console player, there is no way to get around this one. Apartments with locked traits such as “Historical” or “Needs TLC” are stuck with those traits no matter what you do. For PC players, there is a mod solution, however.

Using MC Command Center, you can delete all those items and they will stay gone.  Please note that deleting them means they are gone FOREVER.  So be sure to save the apartment first in case you want to get them back. You can save the apartment intact using this handy article.

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First off, go and download MC Command Center. We’ve linked to this mod on CurseForge so no complicated installation required. Just download the CurseForge app and then hit the Install button on the MC Command Centre mod page. Once the mod is successfully installed, click on any computer in your game and under the MC Command menu options, make sure that Debug Commands in Cheats is set to true. The default setting is false.

Sims 4 Remove Apartment Issues

With this setting enabled, you can SHIFT+Click any fixed objects on the lot, like mouse holes, exposed pipes, and electrical boxes. Select Destroy Object (Debug) and VIOLA!  They are gone and will stay gone.

Customize Exterior Windows and Doors

Unfortunately this Sims 4 remove apartment issues tip is another one that’s for PC players, only. We really wish console players had more options to fix these annoyances but sadly, there just isn’t a solution that doesn’t involve mods.

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If you’re redecorating an apartment but the exterior doors and windows don’t match the style you’re going for, you can change them with the TOOL mod. Like MC Command Centre, all you need to do after installing the CurseForge app is hit Install on the linked mod page.

The TOOL mod has many features and uses, but it’s easiest to learn how to use this mod to replace windows and doors in apartments by watching a visual guide. You can see how it’s done in the below video by SimLicy.

Free Stuck Cats Behind Elevators

Console players will be happy to know that the following Sims 4 remove apartment issues tip can be done without any mods! If you play with the Cats & Dogs expansion pack and find your cat stuck behind the elevator, there is an easy way to get them unstuck. Dogs and even Sims can sometimes get stuck behind the elevator, too, so it’s useful to know how to get them out.

Sims 4 Remove Apartment Issues
If traveling with your pet and coming back doesn’t work, you can try resetting them.

Oftentimes, the Sims 4 remove apartment issues solution is as easy as just traveling to another lot with your pet and then returning home. But if this doesn’t work, you can also try resetting the stuck animal. They should reset in a routable location.

Open the cheat console with all four back triggers, or CTRL+SHIFT+C if you are on PC/Mac. Type in testingcheats true and confirm. Console players will get a warning that this cheat will permanently disable trophies and achievements on that save, so be aware of that.

With testingcheats on, hover your curser over the stuck animal and press X+O (PS) or A+B (Xbox) to bring up debug cheat options. Select Reset Object (Debug).

Let Your Dog Go Potty

Another issue with pets in apartments is dogs not being able to go potty. They get confused because the entire lot is indoors and they just don’t know where to go to pee. This Sims 4 remove apartment issues tip is a super easy one for both console players and PC players but it does require you to be more attentive to your dog.

Sims 4 Remove Apartment Issues

Your dog will let you know they need to go potty when they pace in a circle and a pee puddle icon appears above their head in a thought bubble. Put a leash on your dog and walk outside with them, then tell them to go potty. When they are finished their business, take them back up to the apartment and remove the leash.

Those are all our Sims 4 remove apartment issues tips! While you’re here, why not check out these cool apartment renovations?

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