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Sims 4 Nectar Making: Check Out New Horse Ranch Build Sets!

sims 4 horse ranch build look

Get a sneak peek at some of the new nectar making stuff!

Sims 4 nectar making

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch isn’t just about the horses; other features like Sims 4 nectar making are also a big focus of this upcoming expansion pack. We’ve seen a little bit of nectar making in action in the official gameplay trailer but we also got a pretty good look at a nectar making build by ChrissieYT, who helped create the builds for this pack.

There’s plenty of detail in this build preview The Sims showed off on social media today and we want to point out all the nectar making objects as well as some other interesting build assets that stand out to us so let’s analyze some of the screens from the short video clip!

The Sims 4 Nectar Making Build Assets

Living Area

Screenshot 3831

The living area of this home doesn’t have much to do with Sims 4 nectar making but it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at, anyway! We love the ornate wood-burning fireplace in this room! We’re also really digging the coffee table, accent table underneath the TV, the Native American-inspired horse tapestry, and the decorative skull on the wall. It looks like a Cowplant but Cowplants don’t have horns that big. Whatever it is, it’s cool!


Sims 4 nectar making

We start to see a little more Sims 4 nectar making content in the kitchen. The nectar rack by the window might be decorative only; however, The Sims Team did confirm in their blog post that Sims can increase the quality and the value of their nectar by aging it on racks so it’s possible this could be a usable nectar storage rack. There’s also a glass of fresh nectar on the kitchen table.

While not related to Sims 4 nectar making, we just want to say how much we love that rug, those kitchen counters, and the clutter items like the condiment container, pot, and candle set.

Nectar Shed

Screenshot 3833 2

It looks like this lot is perfectly set up for Sims 4 nectar making with a shed designed for that exact purpose! We cannot get enough of those beautiful sliding barn doors, by the way! But we still want to know what’s inside so let’s continue this little tour of ChrissieYT’s build!

Sims 4 nectar making

We love everything about this Sims 4 nectar making cellar! The stone floors look so charming and rustic and pair perfectly with the cobblestone walls! And yes, of course, we noticed the ceiling! Having paintable ceilings instead of bare white ceilings all the time in every build is going to be amazing!

The stacked barrels in the background may be where nectar is stored or it could just be nice cellar décor. Either way, it’ll go perfect in a nectar cellar build. We also get another glimpse of some nectar glasses next to their accompanying nectar bottles. One features apples and the other grapes.

Screenshot 3835

In this screenshot, we get a look at some more nectar making objects. Some are clearly functional since a Sim can be seen stomping fruit in this nectar maker. Others might be functional or décor; we can’t say for certain, yet. But we love the open cases of nectar bottles! There’s also a nectar press in the far right of this shot! We love the broom leaning against some boxes here, too.

Sims 4 nectar making

It’s nice that Sims will have another use for the produce they harvest from their gardens with the new nectar making skill. Being able to sell the raw produce and use it for cooking is great but whenever we get a new skill that allows us to use what our Sims grow or create in a new way, that’s always a big plus for us.

Sims 4 nectar making

Will your Sims be turning nectar making into a booming business or use it as a relaxing hobby where they can share the fruits of their labour with family and friends? Let us know in the comments!

Do you also own the Seasons expansion? Learn how to make the most of the seasons in our gardening guide so you can harvest the right nectar ingredients at the right time of year!

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