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New Build Tools coming to The Sims 4 for free this July!

Sims 4 July 2023 Update

Did somebody say New Build Features?

The latest livestream from The Sims team gave us an insight into some brand new and exciting Base Game build features that will be coming in The Sims 4 July update!

The Sims 4 July Update Roundup

As stated in the live stream, the Sims 4 July update will be adding two more much-requested features to build mode! Both of these new features are totally free and will be available in the near future.

Free Cam in Build Mode!

Much like the free cam mode in Live mode, it is finally making its way to Build Mode. Up until now, players were only able to access the free cam in Build Mode via the use of Mods. Of course, if you are a console player, you were unable to do so!

Sims 4 July Update

This has been a feature requested often over the last few years and it is finally making its way to Build Mode! It really is going to be a great tool for builders. No longer will we need to keep hopping in and out of Build Mode to take screenshots or make sure we’ve got a random Sim on the lot we can swap out to!

Ceiling Paints

Yes, you read that right! After nearly nine years we can finally paint the ceilings in our builds! This has been something that has been asked on so many occasions for as long as we can remember and finally it is coming in this The Sims 4 July Update!

During the live stream SimGuruJoAnna, SimGuruGeorge and Art Director Stephen, showcased the new tool to players.

Sims 4 July Update

Much like how you would create a floor in The Sims 4 at the moment, painting a ceiling is pretty much the same concept.

To utilise this new tool in the upcoming The Sims 4 July Update, you’ll notice that the Flooring category has been revamped slightly to accommodate the changes. You’ll now be presented with several different options allowing you to furnish both floors and ceilings going forward.

Naturally, SimGuruJoAnna, SimGuruGeorge and Stephen gave us a sneak peek as to how the new feature works!

Let’s have a look at the new ceiling paint tool in action during the stream.

Sims 4 July Update

The great thing about the new ceiling paint tool is that you can use any of the flooring options that you have in your game from both Base Game and any additional packs that you own.

Also showcased during the live stream, that is coming in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion was the new ‘clouds’ floor/ceiling paint. From a building perspective, it would give you the option to create some really cool themed rooms for Kids!

12 The Sims™ 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack Livestream 3

Just imagine staring at the night sky from the comfort of your own bed!

You may have also spotted that when creating ceilings, you’ll also be able to see the placement of any ceiling lights. This will be helpful especially if you are trying to create a more detailed ceiling which could include rafters.

Updated Base Game Swatches

It was also confirmed during the live stream that a number of Base Game flooring options will be receiving new colour swatches. While specific ones weren’t shared in detail, it was stated they will be coming in The Sims 4 July Update!

Sims 4 July Update

More details regarding the updated colour swatches are to follow once the patch is released.

That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming new features in The Sims 4 July Updated! Stay tuned to Sims Community for all the latest from The Sims franchise!

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