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The Sims 4 Horse Ranch World Map

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We’ve got a full look at the Chestnut Ridge World Map!

The upcoming expansion pack for The Sims 4 features a brand new world called Chestnut Ridge. This Sims 4 Horse Ranch World Map preview from the latest Sims 4 Developer Livestream will take you through the new neighborhoods and lots. Come check out what’s new!

Horse Ranch World Map – Chestnut Ridge

The Chestnut Ridge world from the Horse Ranch Expansion Pack features 4 distinct neighborhoods. New Appaloosa, Rider’s Glen, The Ranches, and a national park area called Galloping Gulch are a part of the Chestnut Ridge experience.

Check out the full Sims 4 Horse Ranch World Map below:

World Icon

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Chestnut Ridge World Map

Sims 4 Horse Ranch World Map

World Backstory

This community formed when several groups embraced their mutual connection to Horses and the land. The area soon became known as a hub for all things Equestrian: a town steeped in expertise with raising and training Horses, set against a beautiful and expansive landscape. Over time, the area became famous for another endeavor, as the rich soil brought in the new enterprise of Nectar Making. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, the region flourished and became the Chestnut Ridge it is today.

Chestnut Ridge Neighborhoods

There are 3 Neighborhoods within the Horse Ranch World Map, including:

Galloping Gulch (3 Lots)

Lauded as one of the go-to regions for Horse Riding, the Gulch is chockfull of gorgeous trails and stunning outlooks. Explore the Gulch’s wonders as you honor the noble Horses that have passed on at Steed’s Rest. Explore the perilous Dreadhorse Caverns. or enjoy time under the stars at Saddle Summit Campgrounds.

New Appaloosa (5 Lots)

The historic New Appaloosa serves as a hub for Horse Riders, Ranchers and Nectar Makers. Whether competing at the Hay Now! Equestrian Center, enjoying a night out at the dance hall, or savoring Nectar with good friends, this old watering hole has something for everyone.

Rider’s Glen (5 Lots)

Watched over by the Trusty Steed Rock, known as “Ol’ Biscuit” to the locals, Rider’s Glen has been home to generations of Ranchers and Nectar Makers. With open space for Ranch Animals, ideal conditions for Nectar Making, and kind neighbors to boot, Rider’s Glen is a welcome community for all walks of life.

sims 4 horse ranch world map

Chestnut Ridge Lot Sizes

Principal Designer for The Sims 4 @Mattnetic has shared a Map of Chestnut Ridge, featuring all of the lots and their sizes. Check out which lot sizes you can expect and plan your builds ahead of the release!

sims 4 horse ranch world map lot sizes
Chestnut Ridge Lot Sizes

What are your thoughts on The Sims 4 Horse Ranch World Map? Join the conversation down below and stay tuned to Sims Community for news and updates on the upcoming Expansion!

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