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These Sims 4 Horse Ranch Debug Items Can Be Usable in the Game


This build hack works on any debug item from any Sims 4 pack!

Why did The Sims team even make detailed, textured items that are purely decorative? I’m talking about all the Sims 4 Horse Ranch debug items hiding in the build & buy menu.

Sims 4 horse ranch debug items

Note: To access these items, open the cheat bar by typing in Ctrl+Shift+C. Then enter bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.showliveditobjects consecutively. Close the cheat bar with Ctrl+Shift+C again, then search **DEBUG** in the build menu below. You can also filter by pack in the bottom right corner of the screen to easily find the above items.

Fret not, Simmers! This simple build hack is no secret to builders but read through this article to learn how to do it on different debug items.

Before you start, always ensure that the bb.moveobjects cheat is on. Let’s go!

1) Planter Boxes

Starting off strong with 3 different swatches of wooden and metal planters. Before placing these, grab the Base Game planter pot first and raise it 2 times with Ctrl+9. Plant the seed already before proceeding, or just download a fully grown plant from the gallery.

Create a basement right below where you placed the pot. Then choose any of these planters in the Horse Ranch debug. Place it in the basement and elevate the debug planter until its green grid reaches the top wall of the basement.

Check if the debug planter is aligned with the Base Game pot above. Once you’re okay with its placement, delete the basement room using the arrow sliders. Be careful not to just hit delete immediately or else the debug planter will be deleted with it.

And you’re done! You can create an organic and rustic garden with the variety of these debug planters.

The Sims 4 Build Hack in full functionality

Note: Planting the seed after adding the debug item won’t work so plant the seed already before adding any debug item.

2) Barrel Dining Table

Let’s turn your basic round tables more yeehaw-appropriate with these barrels! There are two swatches of these barrels available in debug but you could also use the actual items in the build menu for more swatches.

You can do this hack either with bar height tables or normal height tables. For bar height tables, simply overlap the debug barrel and the table set you’ll be using. Click on the bar stool and your Sims should be able to use it.

Same thing for normal height tables but size down the barrel 1 time by pressing ‘[‘ before overlapping it with the table set.

Note: It’s still better to do the basement room hack (see the part above) especially if you’re using the normal decorative barrels. There is sometimes still a routing issue when you just overlap these items.

3) Steel Bath Tub

We’ve never had a metal bath tub in the game so this is the closest we’ll get! First, place the normal tub from Horse Ranch. Build a basement directly below it. Then get this empty metal planter from debug and place it on the floor below.

Elevate it with Ctrl+9 until it reaches the top of the basement floor. Add lighting below. The debug tub should align perfectly with the bathtub above!

4) Pitcher Pump Sink

If you’re really going for that rural country vibe in your bathroom, try using this old-timey water pump for a sink. Firstly, place this round base game sink on a counter and size it down with the ‘[‘ key.

Create a room below this. Place the water pump there and elevate with Ctrl+9 until it reaches the top of the room. From there, elevate it 10 times more to be as high as the countertop.

Even if it’s fully aligned with the sink, it doesn’t quite cover this hole on the countertop. Cover it by using a shelf sized up once with the ‘]’ key. Hold down Alt to place the shelf precisely just below the counter. You can cover the ends of the shelf with even more counters if you like.

To use in Live mode, just click on the jutting part of the sized-down sink and it works like charm.

Video Tutorial

If you want to see how to make Sims 4 Horse Ranch debug items playable in the game, watch these quick tutorials:

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