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Let’s Make Hidden Debug Shells into Functional Stables!

Debug Shells into Functional Stables

Remember that bridge your horses can’t go to? Fixed it.

It’s no secret that the SimGurus LOVE making the best debug items for every new pack. Just look at the new debug menu from The Sims 4 Horse Ranch, especially this covered bridge you’ll see often in the world of Chestnut Ridge. The catch? Sims can’t use them. Bummer. But what if we turn these debug shells into functional stables?

Horses aren’t even allowed to go here!

With this workaround, you can even use them in your builds! Whether you want to save Simoleons, do the no walls challenge, or just add something interesting to your lot, simply follow any of these build hacks.

Note: Before doing anything, make sure that bb.moveobjects is on.

Hack #1: Using a Basement

First of all, we have to access the hidden debug menu. Type in Ctrl+Shift+C to open the cheat bar. Then, type and enter bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.showliveeditobjects consecutively. Hit Ctrl+Shift+C again to close the cheat bar.


Go to the items search bar and type in **DEBUG** to open the debug menu. To make the search easier, toggle the filter for Horse Ranch expansion pack and look for this item.

Great! Now that we have this thing, build a room just as big as the item. Adjust the level of the whole room by clicking on it and sliding up the white arrow 1 time.

Then, remove the walls either by clicking on each wall and selecting Remove Wall or using the sledgehammer tool.

Now to the important step: build a basement directly below this room. Place the debug item on the floor below. With Ctrl+9, elevate the item several times until it reaches the top floor again while it’s placed on the basement. You may need a few adjustments before it’s level with the above floor.

Once you’re satisfied with the item’s placement, delete the room below by sliding the white arrows to minimize the room. DON’T just click on the room and hit delete! We don’t want the debug object to be deleted with it.

Go back to the upper floor and viola! That entire space is functional. You can fit in 2 sets of hay beds and feeders here without any trouble.

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Stable Hack

Hack #2: Using a Second Floor

If you don’t like the adding a basement to your lot, try making a 2nd floor. Do this by creating a 1-tile room on the 1st floor then adding another room on top of it.

Delete the room on the 1st floor. Using the white arrow slider in the middle, drag the entire room downwards until it is levelled with the floor of the debug item.

When you’re satisfied with its height, use the white arrows around the room to resize it to be as big as the debug item. Like above, remove all four walls of the room.

Note: If you want to adjust the debug item, make sure that it’s placed on the ground floor and NOT on the 2nd floor so the space can still be functional.

The last step is to add stairs on either end. Since this hack uses stairs (which aren’t accessible for horses), it’s best to convert this space intended for Sims like a restaurant or a bar to dance the cowpoke.


Extra Hack: Other Debug Items

If you’ve read the previous sections, you’ll observe that the key here is to add the debug item on a different floor or else the space won’t be usable. Simple enough, right? So try it on other objects from debug…or even this sized up dollhouse barn if you ever want that.

Don’t worry about rain or roofing problems! When you create a room, it automatically adds a ceiling to cover the room. If you also own Seasons, do note that this room is like a porch and is still outdoors.

Video Tutorial

Now you know how to turn debug shells into functional stables! Wanna see how it’s actually made in the game? Check out this quick video:

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