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The Sims 4 City Living: Q&A with SimGurus about Apartments

SimGurus took some time to answer some of our questions about Apartments in The Sims 4 City Living. Check out what they have to say about what’s new, what’s gone and what’s changed with Apartments in The Sims 4.

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  • Wired

    Like always, there are some pros and cons. Bummer about not building custom apartments, but lot traits sound cool and more than one livable apartment is nice. Looks to me that apartments this time are better than the sims 3, but not up to the sims 2 quality.

    • Wednesday Addams.

      I think it’s stupid that you can’t build custom apartments, or in other towns for that matter. Maybe someone will make a Mod for this.

      • DarkAuthor13

        Oooh, that would be awesome. I didn’t even think of that.

        • Wednesday Addams.

          Yeah. Hopefully they’ll be able to do it. Fingers crossed. xD

      • I have to be honest, I’m tired of mods saving the day at this point. It’s supposed to be EA’s job to make sure the game is perfect. If it’s not perfect then what’s the point of getting the game to begin with.

        • Fade

          No game is perfect.

          • I’m not asking for perfect from TS4, I’m just asking for a better game with less limitations. I’m asking for no more loading screen throughout the neighborhoods. I’m asking for more development.

          • oldfatmotherfucker

            “If it’s not perfect then what’s the point of getting the game to begin with.”

            “I’m not asking for perfect from TS4”

            You literally did just ask for the game to be perfect though.

          • Nellie


          • Nellie

            Omg was gonna say that

  • Dayvon Rose

    So far here is the official Pros and Cons list, Add if you see any I never mention, and correct me if my idea of a pro or con is wrong. I hope this is helpful!

    Pros –

    * You can set traits to any lots, I am guessing houses and such. The Traits range from Quake Zone, I assume the lot will be subjected to earth quakes, Cursed, random ghost encounters, Filthy, easily becomes filthy, and much more. 20+

    *You are able to choose from different apartments within a single complex.

    *You are able to give a key to a friend and they will invite themselves in.

    *You have flirt and/or have a relationship with the landlord and it could help lower rent and get things done faster.

    *There are no loading screens from your apartment, to the elevator, to the lobby, to outside. Making a smooth transition from your apartment to a nearby festival.

    *With the exception of the exterior and the front door you can change around decor, unless they are things such as leaky plumbing and electric box of course.

    *You will run into neighbors in the hallway and they will visit you on different occasions.

    *You will be able to have npc roommates who share rent with you.

    *You can pick your own neighbors.

    Cons –

    *You can not have an apartment in other cities, understandable a tiny bit because they could look out of place in some areas but still sad, hope modders fix that.

    *There will be a loading screen when you visit other peoples apartment even when they live in the same building as you.

    *You will not be able to build your own apartment.


    • Vane

      NPC roommates aren’t confirmed. When asked about roommates the response was they have been available as a relationship in CAS since BG.

  • You gotta be frigging kidding me? You can “add traits” but you can’t build your own apartments? That’s a waste of my building skills

  • Simona Draksaite

    I hate how cockroaches and rats are behind a “filthy” trait, even though I don’t want my houses to be marked as filthy to experience them. As for apartments, having in mind that you can’t even plop them down it’s a step down from TS3 even.

    • Callum Bowyer

      You could build the apartments as you want and share them to the gallery tho

      • Simona Draksaite

        it was already said that you can not build apartments, unless some mod unlocks the ability to do so.

        • Callum Bowyer

          You can build individual apartments and upload them to the gallery like a house. You can’t build your own entire building.

  • Nellie

    Ea did a great job,I’m excited!♥️♥️