The Sims Medieval gets a new Update!

After more than 4 years The Sims Medieval gets a brand new update, solving one of the biggest issues – the launcher!

The new update is around 400MB big:


Barrie Tingle, Live Producer at Maxis, explained what this update is about:

If you own The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles Adventure Pack then you no longer need to open the game via the Pirates and Nobles icon shortcut.


Some simmers had issues with launching the game using the launcher. Worry no more because this update removes The Sims Medieval launcher!


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Jovan Jovic

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  • Wow!!! I wonder if they’ll update the graphics for The Sims 2 so that they work properly with modern computers?

    • I’ll hold my breath if you hold yours.

    • TheSammy58

      This can’t be the real Inge Jones can it? The real Inge Jones would know that there is never any hope with EA.

      • Pi

        Hahaha, you’ve gotta be right.

  • bri fox

    will they ever expand it with more stories and hair and stuff? 🙂 #pipedreams

    • Highly doubtful. The only reason they even updated (this late in the game for pete’s sake) is to fix the issues that would cause the game to not play. EA pretty much wrote this title off not long after it was released. Sad because it has a ton of potential and way more that could have been added to make it better and even more fun to play and less repetitive over each class. 🙁

  • Fantastic news! I bought it, and P&N, about a year ago, installed and played it intensively, and took a break after a couple of weeks. But when I went back to it, it wouldn’t launch again, and if it did, it just crashed. I tried all the fixes and workarounds I could find, but to no avail. Hopefully, this will get me back in! 🙂

  • Ashley Rolston

    i’ve had the same issue…does anyone know how to fix it?

  • daleylife

    I also noticed that the frame rate is capped at 60 now. Previously, it was varying, but around 300-500.