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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Game Session with Guillaume Pierre


Guillaume Pierre invited people on Twitter to join his Cities of Tomorrow region. 5 people (including us) were lucky enough to enter this region.  😀

Here’s a list of who was playing in this Region:

Guillaume Pierre   Lead Gameplay Scripter and Designer on SimCity.

Karol from DOTsim

Djerano from BeyondSims

Edward (Gawbad)

Other 2 people sadly weren’t online at the time when Guillaume joined.

Here’s what our Region looked like on Day 1:


My city looked like a total mess in the beginning + we already managed to pollute our Region.  :struggle:


Let’s take a look at Guillaume’s City:

Spark_2013-11-09_00-19-05 Spark_2013-11-09_00-19-46

He already managed to build OmegaCo factories and his city is slowly starting to futurize. What I really liked about visiting his region is the new Cities of Tomorrow music!

It’s time to go back to our City!

My City was going broke, so I had to pass a Bond measure. 250k will be enough to get my City on it’s feet.

Spark_2013-11-09_00-45-42 Spark_2013-11-09_00-47-54

The approval rating in my City was slowly but surely rising.


I plopped a Fire Station, Police Station and an Ambulance.

Guillaume needed some help from us since robbers got their eye on Omega. I sent him 2 police vechiles.


Sadly, those robbers came to my City so I had to plop more police cars and expand the Jail.


Time to find out what’s Guillaume doing in his City:

Spark_2013-11-09_00-39-40 Spark_2013-11-09_00-39-57 Spark_2013-11-09_00-39-51

Time was passing, and my City grew fast. I had enough money to pay out those nasty bonds that gave a huge minus to my profit.

Spark_2013-11-09_00-57-58 Spark_2013-11-09_01-09-50 Spark_2013-11-09_01-03-52 Spark_2013-11-09_00-58-11

Guillaume advanced in Omega making business, so he was ready to send some of that Omega to us.

Omega helps your factories to raise their productivity and money income.


I built a dock and added a Bus Station to my city. I really wanted to make my City a tourist trap, and I have a perfect plan to make that happen.


Something was not right in my City. More and more Sims were getting sick!  😕

Luckily, Guillaume just finished his research for Wind and Solar amplifiers. I bulldozed my Oil Power Plant and plopped a Solar Power Plant that was upgraded with Cities of Tomorrow Solar amplifiers.

Spark_2013-11-09_01-42-57 Spark_2013-11-09_01-44-53

Would you just look at that: Nearby streets houses got a new, futuristic look!

Spark_2013-11-09_01-46-22 Spark_2013-11-09_01-46-53

This is what I like about this game: not everyone has to own SimCity Cities of Tomorrow to get an access to some of it’s features.

These amplifiers won’t work without ControlNet energy. I bought some of ControlNet energy from Guillaume, but that wasn’t enough for my factory.

Spark_2013-11-09_01-45-13 Spark_2013-11-09_01-45-23

I noticed how futuristic airplanes and blimps start to fly over my city.

My city turned out great! 😀


It’s time to see what Guillaume’s City looks like!

Spark_2013-11-09_01-54-44 Spark_2013-11-09_01-54-48 Spark_2013-11-09_02-02-58 Spark_2013-11-09_02-03-11 Spark_2013-11-09_02-03-26

WOW!  😯 Technology in this city advanced so fast and his money income is huge!


He also built futuristic some rail roads over the city.


Spark_2013-11-09_02-20-40 Spark_2013-11-09_02-20-44 Spark_2013-11-09_02-20-47 Spark_2013-11-09_02-20-50 Spark_2013-11-09_02-20-53 Spark_2013-11-09_02-20-57 Spark_2013-11-09_02-21-17 Spark_2013-11-09_02-21-23

In just 4 hours, our Region grew rapidly.


We had lots of fun seeing new features of SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow and we hope you’ll enjoy playing this game once it releases next week!  :-))

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Watch their latest trailer HERE!

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