Sims Community’s Year in a Post

year in a post

New Year is just 3 days away and I really wanted to make a post to show my gratitude for amazing 7 months I spent with you Simmers this year.

It all started on 21st of May when I bought the server for Sims Community. I had absolutely no idea which theme should I choose for this site since all of them were somehow ”basic”. I really wanted to make it stand out from other Sims Fansites because I never liked the ”All news on the front page” design.

I found a theme called Minimatica. It’s purpose was to show off other people’s photography and design skill. I really wanted to give it a try since for some reason I loved the theme.

After several days the process of re-furbishing our site was over, and this was the final result:


To me, it looked perfectly fine, but to others it was a disaster. I took some feedback from my friends and Simmers and after 2-3 months of Sims Community going live this is how it looked:


Well, that’s enough of Sims Community’s History. Let’s talk about what we have now:

We temporarily updated the design of our site to celebrate the coming of 2014. The background is showing all important Announcements/Releasements that were made in 2013.

CaptureI want to thank Digitto, DOTSim and Sims True Life for supporting my site – this site wouldn’t be where it is today without them!

Also, I really want to thank all my friends on Twitter and Facebook for supporting our site.

And last, but not least, I want to thank my followers on all Social Networks that read and like our posts and pages. This site wouldn’t exist without them!

What we have in plan for 2014?

First Issue of our Magazine is supposed to release in January. With some help of our Co-Directors and Simmers who are ready to share their stories, the creating of this Magazine won’t be hard at all.

The Sims 4 is releasing in Fall/Autumn. With that being said, we think that Simmers and us will have enough time to make a huge jump from The Sims 3 to The Sims 4. Some of them will refuse to make that jump, but we’ll still be posting The Sims 3 News and Guides.

Who knows what other news will happen in 2014? I guess it’s up to us to wait and find out…

Happy New Year from Sims Community Team!

– Leighanne Coxall, Jovan Jović

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