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GamerHeadlines: The Sims 4 to steal the spotlight at GDC


GamerHeadlines: The Sims 4 to steal the spotlight at GDCThe Game Developers Conference starting on the 17th of March will feature talks about many highly anticipated projects. The Sims 4 will most likely steam the spotlight for awhile, with details about the game’s advanced AI at the event’s AI summit. At the event, many major developers will be present to highlight the astonishing achievements in developing artificial intelligence for video games. Expected at the summit are the guys at Irrational games (who will be talking about Elizabeth’s AI), the guys at at Blizzard (who will be detailing the AI behind Hearthstone), and of course, EA Maxis, showing off what improvements the AI of Sims 4 will feature.

The AI of Sims 4 seems to have come a long way since the previous installment, Sims 3. The Sims 4 will have a very complex AI that will enable Sims to multitask, and will generate more believable reactions and more realistic behavior. The behavior list has gotten a lot wider in the upcoming Sims game, and players anticipating EA’s game are expecting more depth from their virtual characters. A lot more detail will be shed upon the Sims 4 and what it will be capable of when the AI Summit begins on the 17th of March, Monday, and continues into Tuesday, the 18th.

As far as the release date for the Sims 4 is concerned, there’s no official announcement as of yet. A recent leak suggested that the game was aiming for a September 2014, but that leak had since been addressed by EA, who now claim to have the Sims 4 ready by “fall”. Fall is a relatively loose term, so don’t expect to play the Sims 4 before the end years end. The bars are set high with this one, and we’re hoping EA will be able to deliver in terms of quality and content. Unofficial sources would suggest that Sims 4 will be priced at around $40, and pre-orders will be made available officially soon enough, which is also the time we’ll be learning a lot more about the game.

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