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The Sims 4 – SimGuruGraham on Multitasking


SimGuruGraham is very active on Mod The Sims forums – especially when it comes to explaining new The Sims 4 features (as far as TS4 marketing team allow him to say). Here’s what he said about Multitasking!

ani_ (Mod The Sims Member): Multitasking is doing two different interactions together.

SimGuruGraham: FYI, that’s exactly what we mean when we discuss multitasking in The Sims 4. It is not a single interaction that’s just animated differently. It is multiple independent interactions being executed simultaneously.

Unfortunately this highlights some of the difficulty that arises when doing previews when we don’t share the same native language with the interviewer, and then those previews are ran back through an online translator. The high level stuff makes it through, but a lot of the subtle (but important) details can get scrambled. In this particular case I don’t think the interviewer even misunderstood, just the way it’s phrased there unintentionally suggests something that isn’t true. I know you’re all eager for information, I’d just generally suggest keeping that in mind before over-analyzing the minutiae in these previews.

Inge Jones (Mod The Sims Member): Graham, will a sim who you have told to paint a picture be able to take a quick bathroom break and go back to painting without the player have to tell them to paint again?

SimGuruGraham: Nope, that would be a sequence of tasks and not a form of multitasking. As in previous games, you could direct a Sim to paint, then use the bathroom, then resume painting, and the extra interactions would wait in the queue until they could execute.

Alternatively you could ask me, “Graham, will Sims be able to multitask by painting a picture while using the bathroom?” to which I would also, sadly, have to answer “no”.

Source: Avenida Sims, Sims Soul

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