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SimGuruRusskii and The Sims 3 Web Team updated with new features – such as accept all friend requests, studio improvements and bug fixes.

Hello there!

New maintenance, new thread.

Apologies for not being around, my duties offline are taking a bit of a toll. I still try.

Today we have for you guys:

My Page: 

1. Adding/Declining/Blocking multiple requests from the “Request to add” section.

This is good news for us who struggle with a lot of requests (I know who you are).

In the “Requests to add” section where you see your friend requests, you will now see checkboxes on all the requestors picture.

Similar to the new and improved Purchase History, you can choose several requests to Accept, Decline, Block. You can also Select all requests (per page basis) and perform one of these actions.

Fields to notice:
1. Checkboxes to choose people =)
2. Select action drop down menu, you must choose one to proceed.
3. Check All: This is the Select All checkbox. once selected it will mark all request in that page.
4. Submit button: Once you have chosen your options, click on it to proceed.

Note: I’m working on changing the text in some of this, my apologies so you guys are not confused.

Note that also clicking each request to bring up the “player card” and accepting that request the “old way” still works, so whatever is best for you.

My Studio:

This again is a blessing for those who handle a high volume of items in their studio. But this new addition is not just for exchange items such a sims or lots. This option appears on all tabs on My Studio: Exchange, Memories, Media, Movies and more and Greeting cards.

You can choose select all (it works per page basis) or several at a time and click the delete button and you are done.

Note that clicking Delete on each item individually still works in case you dont want to delete several at a time. The “old way” is still supported. 

Note: I’m working on changing the text in the disclaimer, my apologies so you guys are not confused.

Super note: even though when you delete items in your personal my studio list you can see them deleted right away. It takes about 15 minutes to be reflected in all servers, so some people might say “hey,I still see it”.

3. Bug fixes.
4. Stability work.
5. Backend things you can’t see yet and some you can’t see.

Note: I can’t speak of anything store side, I can only tell you that we did backend things.

Stuff I’m currently on:

1. Performance on emails (gifting, Friend requests). these can suffer from site traffic there is no bug with them currently. We are working on helping them not to be affected by site traffic.
2. Site performance ,my page performance
3. Offline things
4. Emails related to base game.

If you have questions, issues let me know.

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