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The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe for free to those who Pre-Ordered TS4 Physical Copy on Origin

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Origin announced that starting 4th of April, people will no longer have an opportunity to Order games in Physical way.

Simmer strawberrikhunnie got an interesting e-mail from EA. Not just that Simmers who Pre-Ordered The Sims 4 Physical on Origin will get a refund, but they will also get a free copy of The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe!

I hardly check my e-mail, but when I do, good things happen and I get things for FREE.

So I pre-ordered the disc version of The Sims 4 because I wasn’t feeling the whole digital download thing. I like physical copies. Physicaaaaal. Haha, anyway, I check my e-mail today and I got an e-mail from Origin saying that my Sims 4 pre-order was successfully cancelled and I’m just sitting there like … . I mean cool, money for groceries but I didn’t cancel it … . and then I get a second e-mail.

Full of AWESOME.


Thanks Shante for the tip!

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