The Sims Social Concept Art by Albert Truong

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Albert Truong, Concept Artist for The Sims 4, shared some of his Concept Arts for The Sims Social on his Facebook Profile.

Here is a small collection of Sims Social concept art that i have worked on for Playfish (London). It was a fun and awesome project to be a part of. I thoroughly enjoyed making the artwork for this game; I hope people see familiar art in here. If you havent had a chance, check out Facebook’s Sims Social!

This is concept sketches for the Rocker Girl. I normally keep the sketches VERY loose – maybe the anatomy is off, or its off style – the important thing to take away is “What message, do you as the client, want her to say?” Eventually, they focaused on the “I’m cool and don’t care asian rocker chick.” Some fun poses in here, i really wanted to do the lower left one so much! SHE’S CRAZY!!!



Normally i use photoshop to paint everything, but because the game is in flash, i had to brush up my old illustrator knowledge. In this image, i wanted to show the many layers i use and the many crazy vector lines that spew everywhere. It can get confusing. I’m by far not the greatest “adobe Illustrator” guy out there – the folks at playfish are unGodly with their ‘adobe illustrator’ skills – they can sketch in there as fast as i can draw with pencil.


Here’s the final cleanup done in photoshop and the final color in illustrator. She is by far my favorite… and apparantly EA’s as well? I found a near life size print of her adorned in the walls in our stairwell *sniffles* people actually like my work!


This concept was for a female business executive type personality. I didnt want to make her a floozy, so I tried to stay away from the typical “office bimbo” look. At one point, I was thinking “well, if she’s an exec, i’m sure she’s gonna be yelling at someone on her phone?”


Final cleaned up linework in photoshop, then painted in illustrator.


She’s a cutie! the hopeless romantic, and when i think of a hopeless romantic, i think of AMELIE! so i pulled a lot of inspiration from her (or maybe the art director pulled a lot of inspiration from her and i’m just taking the credit? I cant remember.)


Final cleanup in photoshop, color in illustrator. I included a few color variants here just for show. Each character has several variants for the art director to pick and choose from. Makes my life easier to give several options rather than work on one image with constant feedback.


The sporty Girl! Here are a few concept sketches for a “Sporty girl” – what kinda sports i asked? *Shrugg* so i got to goto town  Which do you like?


This is the cleanup done in photoshop and the color finished in illustrator. The original colors you see here were heavily inspired by a piece of artwork I done a year prior. We had this awesome manager that was moving on with her career so I did this piece for her. She’s very much into running, i even came up with the “Thank you for running with us!” CLEVER ALBEEEEERT! you get *albert charm points*!


“We need a villain personality” MUHAHAHAHAHAA yes!!!! sooo many ways to do it! We can go the SEXY villain, or the snobbish villain, or the scheming evil villain, or the posh heavy fuzzy coat villain with too many rings to count? I had a lot of fun exploring these ideas. In order to get some of the poses in here, i usually stand up and act it out. Other cubecoworkers stared as i kept hunching over, rubbing my hands together and making schemey type laughs. It’s easier to design characters this way 🙂


Cleanup in photoshop, and final color in illustrator. My favorite part? the shadow right under his corner lip with a bit of nose flare – gives him that smug cocky look.


Some sketches for a shocked expression. Once again, keeping it VERY loose but enough that the overseas art director can tell what’s going on. Once again, acting played a big role in making these expressions.


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