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Anniversary Celebration Giveaway


Winners of Anniversary Celebration giveaways will be announced on Wednesday!

Here’s a list of all The Sims 3/SimCity goodies that we’re giving away. To enter a giveaway, simply click on a giveaway you want to enter and leave your comment on why do you want to win.

Note: you can enter multiple giveaways, but you can’t make multiple comments on one giveaway.


Only people living in Europe can enter Sims Goodies giveaway. All other giveaways are open worldwide.

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  • I enter all possible giveaways because I have hardly any expansion packs and I want to expand my collection.

  • Oooh! I’m going to try my hand in a lot of these! Thanks so much for your generosity, and happy anniversary! ;D

  • Hello, I’m Matthew. I would like to take part in this competition, and most would like to get, the addition of “generations”, because I would love to be able to weave true stories in The Sims 3!
    Congratulations on the first anniversary parties!
    Sorry for my english, but I’m from Polish ^-^

  • I really want movie stuff i could make super hero shows using this cloth and items plus animations to make a cool movie and post it up :)

  • Muy sister is a fan of The Sims3 and i will gift her the games because she doesn’t hace some games. With the expansions she haven’t since showtime and with the accessories since Máster Suites. I’m from Spain. Thank you!!!!

  • Hello,

    I really, really would like to win 1 of any of these games, just 1. Can’t wait. THE SIMS GIVEAWAY !!

  • This is so generous and will help a lot of people like me who can’t afford any more expansion packs etc as we need to start saving up for sims4

  • Sooo excited for winners ! Good luck to all
    <3 Sims community ! Thankyou for all the opportunity ! Xx

  • I’m a massive fan of The Sims for years now but i never got a chance to play most of the Sims 3 expansion packs such as Generations, Pets, Supernatural for example. This giveaway got my attention because it said ‘Sims Giveaway’ which intrigued me rapidly.

  • I want to win any giveaway you have because I’m a loser :( lol I have been a simmer since sims 2 and have NEVER won a giveaway…EVER. Sure would be nice to win something! I love the sims and own every Sims 3 game except diesel stuff :D Now if only I could get that Sims 4 CAS demo -__- lol

  • I’m not sure if this giveaway is still open, but if it is, I’d like to enter. I have the Sims 3 base game and sprung for one expansion pack, but unfortunately as a student I can’t really afford the expansion packs. I’d love to play with the University one since I’m a student or discover mermaids with the Island pack.

  • I hope the giveaway is still open! If I win, I would love to get Sims 3 University or Sims 3 Nightlife :)

  • Im not sure if this giveaway is still open but I really hope and want to get the sims 3 into the future and the university life expansion pack because even tho i only have 1 expansion packs, but i really want to get it. Its fine if i didnt get any of them, but it would be very thankful if i at least get one of them. i would love to play it because the into the future has robots and i would like to see my sims travel to the future. i would also like to play the university life because i want to experience the life of university students and how they live their lives. i was alittle bit overwhelmed cause i also didnt get the sims 4 CAS demo and i was dying for it . i just hope i could win something, but if not im fine with it. i really thank u guys for giving giveaways for the people who want them and the simmers/sim lovers<3