It’s been exactly 1 year!


Today marks exactly 1 year since Sims Community fansite has been established.

It all started as a simple wish to create a fansite that will cover all the latest news from The Sims and SimCity franchise. I never knew that, what turned out as a hobby, became a part of my everyday life.

Sims Community on 7th of January, 2014


I’m really proud to say that in 1 year, we’ve established over 1,000 unique visitors per day! This is a really big number considering that we’ve just turned 1 year.

I’m also proud of our followers on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr! You guys are always there to talk with us, whether it’s Sims, SimCity or some other topic.

Now, we have so many projects that you can see right now on our site and projects that are still waiting to be published/worked on.

Don’t forget that we are celebrating 1 year of hanging out with you guys by giving away some great Sims/SimCity stuff!


Now, I’d like to thank some people who really helped me a lot throughout this 1 year of Sims Community!

Thanks to:

Digitto for setting up our website, helping us out when bugs occur and giving us some great games so that we can host awesome giveaways! They were here with us from the very beginning.

People at Electronic Arts UK for supporting us and our work!

Leighanne for taking care of the site when I’m not around!

Nicole K. for giving me some great tips – I didn’t forget them and never will  😉

Polish Sims fansites DOTSim and Sims True Life for cooperating with us.

SimLinks for helping us out in writing articles on our Magazine.

I saved the best thanks for last:

Thank you everyone for visiting our website and being so supportive – we wouldn’t have come this far without you!

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