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Pools will be featured in The Sims 4?

Update: text that mentions pools and curved stairs is corrected and it doesn’t include such info anymore. Whether it’s because EA wants to confirm pools at E3 or because there are no pools at all, I guess we should just wait for June to find out. Thanks Honeywell for the find!

It’s the talk of the neighborhood: The Müller’s are building – a villa with a mansard roof and columns made of marble. Nice, really nice. And they built it so fast! There, again: Out of nowhere a majestic staircase piles up to the gallery/loft.

Computer Bild confirmed that The Sims 4 will include Pools! We still don’t know why are there no Swimsuits in Create a Sim, but we sure are glad that all the bad thoughts about no pools in The Sims 4 are gone!

The Sims 4_ Build Mode Official Gameplay Trailer(1) 348

It has spread already all over the neighborhood: Building the miller – a villa with pool, mansard roof and pillars of marble. Pretty, really pretty. And it’s so quick to build this!

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