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SimGuruHydra updated The Sims 4 Q&A Forum Post, with some new information about upcoming The Sims 4 info!

Sul Sul! 

Hey Simmers – we hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far of The Sims 4! 

We know you all have many questions and we’re listening. Send them through to this post and we’ll do our best to respond as often as we can. Just know that we’re not quite ready to spoil all surprises yet, so keep an eye out for more information to come. 

For now, here’s a list of some commonly asked questions that we wanted to share with you today. 

Q: What is The Sims 4? 
A: On September 2nd we are introducing a new generation for The Sims. The Sims 4 is the only game where new Sims with unique personalities open up deep, rich, and sometimes weird possibilities in the stories you create. For the first time, it’s not about WHAT they are, it’s about WHO they are, and they come to life through our brand new creative tools that are powerful, tactile, and easy to use. And, brand new to The Sims 4, players can share their creations with other players directly in the game with our all-new Gallery. The result is a stimulating new gameplay experience that powers a new era for The Sims. 

Q: When will The Sims 4 be available? 
A: The Sims 4 will be available for PC starting September 2. 

Q: What will The Sims 4 be rated?
A: The Sims 4 is not yet rated by the ESRB and PEGI. We will update the website once we’ve received our rating. 

Q: Where can I go to find the latest about The Sims 4? 
A: You can visit to stay up to date with the latest information. 

Q: What is the Gallery? 
A: The Gallery lets you browse, share, and download new content without ever leaving your game. Get inspired by rich content created by The Sims 4 community and add new experiences to your game. 

Q: Will The Sims 4 require a persistent online connection?
A: No. You will not require a persistent online connection to play The Sims 4. 

Q: What are the minimum hardware requirements for The Sims 4? 
A: We are working to make The Sims 4 accessible to as many players as possible. We will let you know once we’ve locked in the specs. 

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