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The Sims 4 – E3 Preview by Maxdwn!



Two producers created themselves for the demo: one was a women and the other a man. Magnolia Blossom Park was an area first demoed and had the male producer in a foul mood. Moods, or emotional states, are going to give players advantages and disadvantages. Angry, as in real life, will make it harder for a Sim to socialize. An advantage to anger lets them work out more effectively. When a Sim is super pissed, they can do “peeved push ups” and “sit ups of fury”

The female producer’s Sim was energized and had a “bro” personality trait. If she interact with someone who also has a “bro” personality, they will get along very easily.

A party in the park demoed how Sims play around with each other. There was fishing by a pond, BBQs, children in playgrounds and chess players.

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