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The Sims 4 – Interesting facts from PC Games’ Preview

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Honeywell put together a list of new and interesting info from PC Games‘ Preview of The Sims 4. This preview was not made during E3, but after PC Games’ visit to Electronic Arts in Redwood Shores.

Please note that the text below was translated from Deutsch to English using Google Translate, so there may be a few grammar errors.


  • Large number of topics; compared to a graphic adventure.


  • Park, playground (with a pirate ship), library, gym (where an elder Sim died of a heart attack), museum and bar are all mentioned.
  • You can tend the Community Garden, pick fruit trees, and fish in the canal and then use those fresh ingredients to cook meals.


  • Party, Dates and Weddings
  • Unlock optional goals and rewards
  • In addition to guests you have the option to invite an entertainer, a catering service and a bartender.


  • 10,000 animation clips
  • “There is no maximum number of concurrent actions.  Your Sims, for example, can now be in the gym running on a treadmill while talking at the same time and watch TV” —Marion Gothier


  • 65 hours of music in 8 variants
  • Aproximately 3 dozen songs
  • Radio stations include:  alternative, blues, electronic and pop.

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